[Tip] Tap on screen to stop loot parade

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[Tip] Tap on screen to stop loot parade.

Weird, did not work the first two times I tapped on recruits. But does now. Must not have tapped hard enough. Force touch, you have much to answer for.

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[Tip] Tap on the “Hero & Troop” section to stop loot parade

If you don’t care about the loot parade animation, tap on the “Hero & Troop” section of the loot drop display to skip the animation.

Credit goes to Gryphonkit, my lovely wife.


I click anywhere to do it


Yup so do I, I usually get disappointed by my raid loot so normally don’t even bother looking at my phone and I just tap anything tappable

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You can also speed up your hero draws from the portals… I do. It’s like ripping off the bandage of dissapointment!!!

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I’m a bit superstitious in this area. When i do that i feel like I’m messin with the outcome. Sort of like stopping reels on a slot machine before they’re done spinning. Same when I’m feeding heros and tryin to get that special skill to level up. And actually if I’m not crunched for time i wont speed up loot results either especially on titans and chests


Don’t mind @Rigs I got Nath from previouse Atlantis summon by clicking…

Sorry thought i made it clear it was a “me thing” and probably doesnt actually hold any weight

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