Tiles system fail

My team power is definitely above the opponent team by 400. Why i get defeated easily by them? I don mind those get defeated with equal or little lower than me by difference by 400 to 500 is basically rubbish. Can u explain why this thing is happening?

Because you are not playing very well

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Also you win compete with much higher power.

Possible ways to beat teams of higher TP:

  • Better hero synergy (using attack buffs, normal/elemental defense debuffs, etc to increase damage from special skills and tiles)

  • Colour stacking (increasing tile damage. Higher the stacking higher the damage but also higher the risk)

  • Good board/uptiles (A good RNG always helps, especially if the uptiles are in your favour when removing the unwanted tiles)

  • Board skills (using probability to determine the best move, setting up possible diamonds, etc)

  • Troops (probably one of the most underrated part of the game. Better troops usually leads to higher win/loss ratio)

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Is you trophy amount is close to or has been overed your current limitation ? That max amount is related to you current TP, eg max 1800 trophies base on TP 3600. Once you overed trophy limitation opponents will become unreasonably hard and the game also provide poor boards to you to keep you stay within current class.

:woozy_face: FWIW, Screen shots of your raiding heros and your opponents heros would be helpful if you want specific feedback.

Its not just about team power…

Try stacking when you raid. They’re stacking against you to ramp up the tile damage against you tank or flanks.

I have defeated teams that were 1000+ TP higher than my own attacking team.

I have also lost to teams that were below my TP when I got bad boards.

Shhh… it happens. :man_shrugging:


Team power is not an informative parameter. You need to take into account what are the enemy heroes’ specials.
For example a weaker defense has a tank with a perfect riposte effect and your team doesn’t have a dispeller. You will lose because your stronger heroes kill themselves.

The algorithm of the game evens out the chance of the game, the harder the opponent, the better the blocks,
2.wszystko depends on laying blocks, you can have a great and lose and you can have a few pieces and win, it is also very important to choose the right cards for the team to complement each other

Is this true?
I’m not saying it’s not btw, i believe they algorithms that affect the board.
But where did you get the information from?

There is no evidence to support this and all the detailed trials conducted by players have shown the boards are random.

No, it’s completely false :slightly_smiling_face:

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This thread is becoming a generic tile conspiracy.

Please use the following for ongoing discussion and I encourage you to start at the top and digest @Garanwyn’s superb analysis of the statistics before disappearing down the rabbit hole of blaming loses on rigged boards due to team power/spending too much/spending too little/geographic location/favoured alliances/hero colour etc.


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