Everybody Gets Bad Boards

If you’ve gotten a long run of bad boards before, you’re not alone

Play this game long enough, and you’re going to hit runs of bad boards. It’s not because the tile engine is biased/rigged/cheating/bad RNG (we have very good evidence that it isn’t ). It’s because real random sequences exhibit streaks. It’s really no different than those days in real life when everything seems to go wrong all at once. There’s no grand conspiracy; just the nature of true randomness.

Here’s my worst sequence of 20 boards. All are with me color stacking 3/2.

Tiles of my strongest color My TP minus Opponent TP Result
5 -222 W
7 -431 W
3 -231 W
7 -398 W
6 -200 L
8 -200 W
5 -587 L
4 -587 L
4 -587 L
8 -188 L
5 -188 L
6 -188 L
7 -152 L
4 -152 W
9 -270 W
4 -348 W
9 -344 W
2 -349 L
4 -349 W

As you can see, that’s not a very pleasant run of luck. And I never end up hitting enemies weaker than I am, so these boards are pretty challenging.

There are 13 boards in there with fewer than 7 tiles of my strong color, 3 boards in there with 7 tiles, and 4 boards with 8 or more tiles of my strong color. But this really understates how bad this run was. Take a look at this “average” board from this period:

Yeah, I have 7 blue and 7 yellow. I guess it’s possible to distribute them less helpfully. But you’d have to work at it. This board has exactly 1 available play, and that’s dumping purple tiles into Sartana. Not my preferred starting move…

I’ll add here that the game wasn’t hopeless. I actually went on to win this one.

Empires_2019-01-30-09-14-49 Empires_2019-01-30-09-15-08

But some of these boards? Whoo boy…

3 healer front line, right? Should have been a cake walk. It was not (if you’re interested in my reasoning behind my rather unconventional team choice, here you go).

My record through this sequence was 11 Wins, 9 Losses, and that included a streak of 7 losses in a row, where the boards just would not cooperate. It happens.

So the next time you’re getting a run of really awful boards, just remember: you’re not alone. Everybody gets bad boards.


Yeah the first one against Kitty was pretty bad, great you have recovered and won that because making that move in the corner wont even help that board change that much, like when you play in the middle, yeah you get a green play after and maybe a blue one if your’re lucky enough.


Thanks! You’re absolutely right that moves in the center tend to shift the board more. It’s not hopeless here; the board is 2 moves away from a yellow 3-match (of course, THAT one goes into Zim, so…). At any rate, it was looking pretty grim for the visiting team for a while there. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think of R.E.M.'s “Everybody Hurts” when I saw this topic.


@Garanwyn You got a real :heart: from me, but this thread deserves a :sparkling_heart: too. :heart_eyes:


Everyone gets bad boards but it’s the moves you do that can change it

To say that “all of my boards are terrible” is not accurate, you just can’t see the moves


That’s because we need to do “Strategic Moves” to get " @Dator Boards"


You should absolutely fight smart, and fight to the last tile. I agree that “all of my boards are bad” is a pretty silly thing to say.

That said, bringing too many healers, too many slow mana heroes, poorly matched colors, and poorly matched specials is going to make a lot of reasonable boards feel like losers. Whenever someone says they always get terrible boards, I find myself wishing I could be a bird on their shoulder, to see what’s really going on.


My 3 raids today give me good board(I have only one screen)

I can make diamond in all 3


Yesterday in war, first board… The tank is green, i bring 2 reds with me… And there is only one red shield on the board… 1, what are the odds ?. There is 35 shield in total and each have 20% chance to appear.

I still won, very quick battle because i could charge my other heroes quickly.

It’s possible to win with bad boards.


On top of GM too, today was a good day!


@Garanwyn actually answered that in another thread:

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I ussualy go triple healer when I wanna secure a win, but triple colour healer.
Since I got and maxed Lixiu and Chao, when I face a dark tank I go mana control triple colour healer (redhood-chao-gadeirus-lixiu-kiril most of the times I end full boosted and health) and I ussualy win on teams with +2/300 tp more; exceptions are when Hel is tank :slight_smile:

You should have brought Wu Kong, with a 3-healer frontline you would had plenty of time to cook a good board. No strong color against the tank and low damage attackers were your mistake.

Sure, on offense that’s a very reasonable strategy :slight_smile: On defense, though, you’re asking for me to dump tiles into you and melt you down. Of course, dumping tiles into someone like Delilah is not penalty-free, but as long as I get some of my tiles eventually, I’ll be ok.

Now I see what you ment.
You went 2 darks 3 reds against dark tank… Not ok :confused:

I just wen two reds and 3 blues against a green tank (Karshek). Work like a charm. The trick was to have fast snipers.
I do agree at least I had two reds so I do understand your point :slight_smile:I just wanted to point out that I stacked backwards and it did the trick. I have never stacked against the same color.

That’s what all conspirators say. Now I know who is behind my bad boards!


That’s certainly a very reasonable strategy to propose, especially with Rigard in tank position.

Yellow is my weakest color, though. I have Li, Chao, Leo at 3/11, Wu, and Danza. I’ll certainly color match a purple tank in general, but having no healer in yellow plus indifferent offensive heroes means I often find those raids more difficult.

So in this situation, where I thought I had loads of time, my reasoning was that two healers in different colors was the safest strategy. I went red becaus of GF + BT, and purple because of Proteus vs Viv.

Even using my general strategy, green would have been a better choice than purple, with Melendor giving buff removal. Like I said, though, I figured this would be a cake-walk, so I wasn’t sweating it too much.

I literally got no connectable red fill-ins for 15 moves, and insufficient purples to fully charge Proteus or Rigard. They were all sparse and scattered. If I had Wu instead and the tiles had been equally bad, I’d have been hurting too. It was just an evil, evil raid :slight_smile:


Code falcon! Code falcon! The mouse is onto us!



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