🐵 Thunderclap – 5* Holy / Yellow from Jungle Hunters

I agree with your sentiments. I was happy to see him pop out of the portal and used my Training Camp reserves to max him. No LB yet.

But he is so frigging slow.

He does not help his teammates like other taunt heroes are doing. He is a sitting duck for 5 turns after he casts as well.

Ludwig - gives mana buff , you need 2 dispels
Krampus - gives attack buff, need 2 dispels, avg speed
Kara - attack buff, need 2 dispels, avg speed

I do not have the other taunt heroes but these were more available. I am finding it hard to believe but Thunder monkey needs to do something more or do it faster. Ogima hits everyone at fast speed with 275%, increases everyone’s mana generation etc. TC simply does too little or too late for a premium slow hero.


When LB2 at lvl 90 he gets an auto taunt skill.

I know, but I was not ready for the fact that he comes back with taunt if he didd with taunt, and that also goes for him dying later im the match.

Oh that’s interesting because when Green Knight revives from his class talent he loses his buff, I wonder why Thunderclap keeps the taunt :thinking:

(1) revival by fighter talent

Green Knight doesn’t lose his status effects (buffs & ailments), either. The status effects, which fighters have ‘already’ got when they die, remain when they revive by the talent.

(2) revival by Special Skill effect

On the other hand, some heroes such as Green Knight (fighter), Tyr (fighter), Costumed Tyr (barbarian), Atomos (barbarian), Costumed Atomos (paladin) and Nadezhda (cleric) revive with their status effects gone. This is different from the talent. This revival is about thier Special Skills. Their cards clearly say “If the caster dies during … they are resurrected… All status effects are removed when the caster dies.”

(3) And when fighters revive by their Specil Skill effect (in case of Green Knight and Tyr), the revival by fighter class doesn’t happen. I tested it out myself. I killed Green Knight 6 times after he triggered his SS. He revived and dealt over 600 damages 6 times. I presume the revival by SS effect prevents them reviving by the fighter talent.


He does well next to Ludwig and Waterpipe :upside_down_face:


I am not sure if someone already mentioned it, but I just tried to combine him with Phenexa: she also does reset the damage part of his special back to 5 turns. So I would not combine these two heroes (same with Gullinbursti or Wolfgang). Not sure if she is supposed to do that, since his own special does not reset the counter if firing again…

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when i use his special it has only been lasting 1 turn no time to heal or take damage do always deals the minimum

That’s what I would like to think, but in the Green Knight thread a couple of people have posted a completely different result to what you stated.

Let’s hope they rework him to something useful on both offense and *defense considering his family is 1 tier beneath the top elemental tier - you would think being a monster Hunter family hero he wouldn’t be so underwhelming. Leaves a lot to be desired with this one. The risk vs reward for his speed and damage definitely isn’t worth the risk of using on defense, I’d take any taunter over this one.


i haven’t faced him yet but i believe his damage should be 700 -1400 and it can’t be dispelled.

5 turns is long enough to prepare for.

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Plus he gets nullified if you.dispel. The damage is not like Gullinbursti where you are hit if you get dispelled. It is just gone and there are no consequences.

He needs to be faster or buff his allies with something or a rework. Right now he is useless on defense.


And offense except in rush

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Can you please update this hero…

What good is his 25% attack bonus stack when his special doesn’t scale with attack bonuses? They really didn’t think this one through…

His taunt should be immune to dispel, he should regen 2000hp over 5 turns to compensate for no defensive perks, his attack damage should benefit on any attack up bonus and he should deal % damage if he’s killed off early depending on the round or an even better design would make him auto revive and heal for 40% if killed off early. His family bonus also is garbage.

So much potential, but utter garbage as of now; the risk vs reward definitely isn’t there; slow speed and then needs to survive 5 rounds to activate it lol.


This for sure, they should make his skill like Gullinbursti’s to make him more of a threat


Waiting 5 turns for minimal punishment just isn’t worth the mats. I LB him and ran him in raids for a few days to see if he was worth the second LB and he almost always died before dealing damage. Definitely the worst taunt hero to date - I recommend you take a pass if you’re thinking about bumping this one.


Motega+ C.Sif and Thunderclap seems like a great fit on offense

Motega minions and heal protects him, C. Sif gives him dmg reduction and buff him to fast speed, Thunderclap will then deal tons of dmg which is increased by motega buff!


So, you basically saying one has to have two specific premium heroes to make other “premium” hero viable?
I’m that case, Thunderclap is pure crap.


He is, it takes way to long for him to do dmg and its even cleanseable unlike with Gullinbursti :joy::joy: I rather lb a couple more Gulli’s then giving him the materials.


Update thunderclap please… he is crap right now. Easy to dispell… for such huge big gorrila?

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