🧭 Third Path of Valor (Valour; PoV3) Log and Discussion – Starts Jun 1

Defeat enemies 2 requires 250 enemies


Well, I refuse to defend ANY enemies…

… I just joke because it’s “Defeat” and not “Defend” lol

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Thanks :smiley: sorry i just wake up :smiley:


I summoned about 148 grey tokens but literally have no ham to do anything with anything haha
I have been leveling up 3* S3 heroes so this has been good.

I received 3x3* from my grey summons though: Carver, Berden, Nashgar

A bit better than “Legendary” summon gate :grinning:

why did they bring the star requirement again for the titan challenge? :frowning:


Defeat enemies : Tier 2 : 250 to be killed

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Reward 18 and 28 are the same. Is this a bug?

Raid heros and defeat enemies stacks … even if u lost the raid and killed 2 heros it’s counted towards defeat enemy quest …

Bringing stars to titans means i wont reach 50 this time and that means no money from me lol anyway i guess i get to save 10 dollars this round

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Wait and see, they may have only added 2*, 3* and 4* or something… maybe not more.
I think lots of people were doing easy 1* titans which they could kill solo.

Defeat Enemies : Tier III , need to kill 500 ennemies (+750 for the path of valor)

Nope, if you check OP the max tier is back to 6 stars which my alliance has issues reaching soo if lucky i might clear the 5* tier

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I can tell you this weekend when I blast through a crap ton of WE flasks during Atlantis Rises…if you don’t find out sooner.

You do not need to finish all tiers in Titans (or a couple of others) to hit 50.

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No bug, same as previous ones.

Yip, it’s kinda good / weird. Defeat enemies is the easiest to finish of ALL for the challenges (ever)… Literally can complete by killing ANYTHING… Titans, mobs, bosses, heroes etc…

Thanks @sutechan

@Deathgaze01, the op is based on previous PoV1. So may be different this time round

That was my plan too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah… not happy the Star has come back for titans. And I’m not sure why there can be double counting so easily (defeat enemies in raids and defeat enemies) But it will make one of those fast to complete!

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I checked with staff and it is an intentional reintroduction.

Haven’t said why it was removed previously or why it was reintroduced now.

Just that it is back and is intended to be back.


There have been some alliances that have been moving all of their members to a new alliance after every filled war chest to get favorable matchups. This discourages that practice and might be why the devs want it back in.

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