🍻 The TWISTED Hurricanes [Team Players wanted]

:beer:The TWISTED Hurricanes:beer:

We are a 2 year old alliance looking for active, chill team players in any time zone! Everyone counts towards our success, we value participation more than strength.

Read on to learn about our requirements and rules.

Trophies :trophy:

600 trophies minimum. We want active players, getting here shows that you care enough to stick with the game. :slight_smile:

Titans :dragon_face:

Hit the titan as much as you can! We want to kill them so we all get the loot.

It’s not the end of the world if you miss a titan once in a while; just don’t make it a habit! :wink: Missing 2 titans in a row will get you in trouble, unless you have provided us with a reason.

War :crossed_swords:

Minimum of 3 war teams! (15 heroes) or opt out of wars.

You can also opt out if you’re just interested in fighting titans. Uncheck the participation box in the War menu! Make sure you opt out before the war matchmaking starts, otherwise you’ll still be in participating.

Communication :iphone:

Read the chat banner for the latest updates! Some of us are very chatty, some of us are very quiet.

We use the built in game chat to communicate. No other media required. You may contact me on Line if you want: FighterJack

If you will be gone due to real life for 2 days or longer, opt out of war and give us a heads up, either in game or through Line :slight_smile:

Cheers! :beers:

We look forward to seeing you in the game, and eager to start working together to take down titans and fight together in wars!


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