"The Titan Lord's Wrath" looking for active members

We are looking for daily active players. Level 25 or higher, whose defense line can hold 1000 cups. We do every war, but opting out is ok as well, without any explanings required. We only require you to be daily active, hit the titan if you come online during It’s life span, and use at least three war flags, if you choose to take part in wars. We offer to share the experience of a 200 days old alliance, where most members are 100 + days veteran members. We hunt daily 6* titans and ocasionally 7* ones. Our current alliance score is around 70 k and our war score around 140 k. We don’t ask personal questions, respect each other and don’t care about age, location in the world, geographical or social, skin color or political opinions. We recently purged our alliance of a few inactive members so we now have 5 available spots. Come join us if you find yourself the “job description” above, and are looking for a new long term home. You will not regret it!

How frequently do you enforce the rules regarding war and Titan?

Last week we were 28. Got down to 24 because of these rules. But I generally like to give people the chance to redeem themselves, so I tend to wait until the last possible moment before purging the alliance. I always try to communicate with them first, try to understand their reasons, and if possible, bring them on the right track. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn’t.

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