The time has come, the walrus said


I would like to bid you farewell.
I left the game two weeks ago.

No, I do not miss it, and no, I am not coming back.

I would like to thank the lovely people in the community

  • for all their help and support, in this nice forum and on Line
  • for the good times that we shared
  • for the many laughs that we had together
  • for your hospitality, offering me such nice refreshments in your keep when I came calling
  • (ok ok, some people slammed the door in my face :grin:, but only the def team was bad mannered :wink:, I would never say that of the owner :wink: )
  • and for returning my visits and sampling my German beer :beer::wink:

I had a great time in this great community. Lots of fun, lots of laughs.

It was great while it lasted. And I thank you all :hugs:

It is just that the game itself and my personal preferences no longer match. “It takes all the running you can do just to stay in the same place” has never been my idea of fun and relaxation. On the contrary. I can bother with things, and get annoyed, in my daytime job at the office, if I wish. All day long, if I am so inclined. I do not need a game for that.

Thus, I hang up my sword and wish you all a fond farewell.

Oh yes, I do have one big huge regret:

Y’all will have to find another source of German beer :beer::beer::beer::grin:

Be well, dears, and may the board fairy smile on you eternally.

… If anybody wants to stay in contact outside of the game, my line id is anja2017.

Farewell :hugs:


Much as we sometimes squabbled, still you have always been fun. Go with our best wishes.


All the best to you, @AnjaValkyrie. We will have to look far and wide to find anyone whose hospitality (and German beer) matches yours. You will be missed.


Die Gaben sind wie di Geber.

I hope i understand it right, as you give much to this community.
I wish you best of luck.


All the best to you, @AnjaValkyrie!
May your future quests all be enjoyable.


All the best for u!!!:clinking_glasses::beer:


I’ve wondered (when any seasoned player leaves), what will occupy your gaming time without this game?

And best of luck - sad to see you go, and thank you for your contributions.


The forum (and game) will be poorer for your absence. Good luck, and fare well.


All the best, you will be missed!


Wish u were beer…sorry here. Oh i miss youuuu.
Niemals geht mann so ganz, irgendwas von dir bleibt hier…



Gosh, dear, you made me cry. Real tears, in Real Life. What a lovely song! :kissing_heart:

This is exactly why I stayed in EP so long - for the people. Also for the lovely people in my alliance. The people, the community, the fun, the laughs.

But when you start dragging yourself through the game, just because you do not wish to leave the people, then you will have to make a decision.

@Rigs once said that when you start considering titans etc a chore, then it is time to go. And he was right.

I miss the lovely people. But I most certainly do not miss this game.

Love ya :kissing_heart:


Thank you, dear.

Oh, the nice free time is a godsent!

My pet rats most certainly appreciate that mom has time and attention for them, my friends most certainly appreciate it, my household chores most certainly appreciate it - and even my colleagues at work appreciate that I am much more cheerful, now that I have left this source of annoyance behind.

Oh, and my body appreciates it as well :blush:
I now set my alarm 20 minutes later in the morning, because I do not need 30 minutes for the game. I dabble a little in Game of Sultans, and that takes all of 10 minutes in the morning, to be done with everything :blush:

All in all, I took the right decision for my personal wellbeing :blush:


Farewell, I may not know you personally but I appreciate all your contributions to the game and forums.


Wish the game was still ebjoyable for you @AnjaValkyrie but i think you’ve made the right call from the sounds of it. Games are supposed to be fun

Hope our paths cross in the future

Keep in touch and good luck!



Thank you :hugs:
May the board fairy smile on you eternally :hugs:



Thank you very much :hugs:

Now, just as we started to agree with each other in this forum, this Valkyrie packs up her little bundle and leaves… Not the best timing, in that respect :wink:

I also wish you all the best :hugs:


Hopefully your rehab support group will be great :wink:

Have a good time though… :slightly_smiling_face:


Wish you well @AnjaValkyrie and good luck!


Hi @AnjaValkyrie we’ve had little interactions but I can tell you are very much loved and respected on here.

You will be missed and I wish you all the very best life has to offer.


Will be missed dear friend.
Rest in Fun … Hope you peace.


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