The Shop Family! 3 Shops, 1 crazy family!

Bump it up…isn’t that a song and push it…but where to push it to?

We all have a baser side…hormones tend to get in the way…that or alcohol

I was dropped on my head a lot as a kid. I blame my siblings :man_shrugging:

Lol… I have no excuse like that…have siblings but I think I need to blame Mother Nature…just don’t tell her I said that

Why is this post not moving up.
Bump bump bump…darn it

For we are the Shop Family…good times and bad times…we are the Shop Family
Lucky you don’t have to hear the singing behind this… otherwise there would be fleeing

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much love for the shops

hope you guys all kick ■■■ this weekend!

Love to the Rigs

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good luck in your wars!!

RIGS!!!Smile your on camera…oops not you unless you are wearing the stilletoes one of my many personalities left at your places…kisses

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Lol.bump bump…bumpity bump

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Won our WAR in the Paradox…whoop whoop. Where’s my chocolate trophy

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if i wake up in stilettos, it was a hell of a night…and not in the good way lol

grats on the war win!!

I guess it depends on the point of view…lol

Thanks…everybody did their part

I don’t know you got the legs to carry it off too…i have pics somewhere…lol

Hi Goldie…glad you are loving the SHOP FAMILY

Wow…really got behind in the line

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