The Ridiculous Complaints thread

I must complain… the #rct830 is closing in on 4000 posts, without ever losing it’s whit, or being closed as a duplicate thread.
SGG must surely see the wisdom of producing a free 4000 pin badge for the shop, yet none have appeared.
We need the FREE 4000 pin badge in the shop, or a RCT@4000 avatar.
Sort it out SGG


Looks like they already got the RCT pin in the shop ?


Greetings RCT.

Today, when I opened the game I immediately closed all the pop ups. Then, I remembered that I had a little over £2.50 in free Google credit things so I had a second look at the Merlin’s Magic Balls offer. But, I didn’t think it was much good and closed it again.

Then I played the tournament, got myself in a strong position and then:

Boom. A red cross on my flawless record.



I’d like to complain that I don’t even have ONE of Evelyn, and then I run across this while raiding:


I want just ONE of those! Gimme, gimme!!

(P.S… easy win with red stack; almost think this was cup-dropping, for the cup region I work in…?)


My complaint is pretty mundane really. For 2 consecutive days I have nothing really to complain about and I live for it usually. What am I to do? The SG Genie granted me a wish and showered me with 3* non farmables. I will say my hands are fair worn out after and could do with some new fine gloves and a compass or two to guide me back to the path to unhappiness might help cheer me. It’s all for the good of the planet, I swear.


Official RCT policy on the “I have nothing to complain about” complaint is as follows:

RCT Policy on "No Current Complaints"

  1. If the Complainant is an employee of Small Giant (SG), a moderator of the SG forums, or otherwise an affiliate of SG they shall follow the steps under “Reprogramming Broken Units” below.

  2. In the much more likely event that the complainant is not an employee, affiliate, or moderator under the employ and/or indoctrination of SG, then the RCT directs the end-user to follow the steps below for “The Rube’s Guide to Complaining Properly in 2018, Version 1”

Reprogramming Broken Units

  1. If the affected work unit is located in the SG HQ already, then they shall proceed to the “Reprogramming and/or flogging work station” for necessary reprogramming. The work unit should cite an active inability to complain as they check in at the work station.
  2. If the work unit is not currently in the SG HQ, they should secure their SG issued “work unit shipping container” (WUSC) that was provided upon initial employee orientation and/or at the time of non-employee indoctrination/assimilation.
  3. Prior to placing oneself inside the WUSC, the work unit should consider evacuating their vowels and / or urine.
  4. The affected work unit shall affix a shipping label, to be acquired remotely from Human Resources (HR), to the outside of the WUSC.
  5. The work unit must ensure they are clothed. (YES. there have been… incidents…)
  6. The work unit should carry the WUSC to the nearest postal collection location.
  7. The work unit shall ensure the shipping label is affixed to the WUSC, and then shall place themselves inside of the WUSC.
  8. The work unit will wait inside the WUSC until they’ve arrived safely at the SG HQ “reprogramming and/or flogging department.”

The Rube’s Guide to Complaining Properly in 2018, Version 1

  1. Try harder. For more information, see 2. below.
  2. If you can’t find anything to complain about, you aren’t trying hard enough. For further reading see 3. below.
  3. Are you sure you maybe haven’t been indoctrinated? Please take time to consider whether you’re reading through the correct Policy Subheader.
  4. If you are in the correct place, please refer back to 1.

@sft1965 I hope you find this helpful


I have to complain about missing autoplay when Ursena is in titan mode. One can’t autofarm her.

I suspect that this probably actually belongs in the Bugs & Issues section because that is surely what it is, but earlier this afternoon a 4* hero emerged from a TC13 on my alt account. Really?! I can only surmise that this is some sort of glitch in the coding of the TC13 that prevented me from getting yet another Graymane or Jahangir. I know that there are people from SGG who regularly monitor these forums, I trust they will see this and make sure that such a travesty never occurs again.


Hahahahahahaha :joy: :rofl:

Graymanes and Jahangars are all sold out currently. Dont fret they have a new supplier for Dawa and Renfeld coming online shortly.


Are my friar tucks still on backorder? I am somewhat of a Master Chef of green healers.


Oh dear. It seems that the Devs may have misheard my request for a Shrubbery…

Because I am now the proud new… Owner? Gardener? Topiarist? Of…

A Shrubbear.


Be careful what you ask for.

Reminds me of a kids book I have.

Santa and I have had some misunderstandings in the past. Last year, I asked for a car and I was very specific. I wanted it to be red and a convertible and sleek and fast. And he got me one… but it was 3 inches long.


Oddly enough… The very first time I met a Canadian Santa was also the very first time I had to speak English to a Santa. And so, trying very hard, I asked him for what I wanted.

It came out as “a black beer” - which, naturally, he was a bit concerned to hear from 5-year old me, so he asked me to say that again. “A black beer!!! Or a greasy beer. But it must be a beer.”

It wasn’t until I went “rawr! A BEER” that he caught what I was after: a stuffed bear.

I suppose that the moral of this story is that people have been mishearing me about bears all my life…


The thing to do is just shrub it off.


See, and here I was thinking that I should just grin and bear it…

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You should never bear more than you can …

Now that I think of it, shrubbear is an apt description for Adam and Eve’s wardrobe.

Now I’m wondering if being in possession of a topiary of this type gives me the right to arm bears…

Something like this maybe?

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See, Shrubbear is big enough that I figured I could just let it chuck my excess Namahages at the enemy.

Have I complained lately about my excessively Namahage-heavy all Namahage all the time red team? Because I feel that it’s probably a perfectly ridiculous complaint to have.

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