The new fourm page layout

This new set up is annoying. 1/3 my page is cut off and there is a 1/2 " gap (5mm) between sides revert to older layout was cleaner


It does make you wonder what they were thinking with this new sidebar thing. Imo, the old adage of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” should’ve have been applied.
Or maybe they just figured they have perfected upsetting players in game, so maybe it’s time to annoy the forum dwellers for a change. :thinking::rofl:


Im just happy to know im not insane and imagining it


Lol. You’re definitely not the only person who finds it an odd, and unnecessary, reworking of this here forum. I can’t remember the thread (sorry) but there was a lot of comments about this yesterday.

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I legit can’t remember how the old layout was and I visit this place daily. All I know is I am quite annoyed by the change as well


See those three horizontal bars up there, beside Community Forum? One quick click and your page is back to normal… :grinning:


Holy :hankey: . !! Thank you

I confess to being fully hopeless with this kind of thing, but one quick click gets me the sidebar to appear. What else needs doing to get back to the classic layout?

Sorry if it wasn’t helpful. After clicking on the bars, my format returned to normal. I don‘t know what issue you are dealing with, of course.

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Too many to list here! :rofl::rofl:…but in regards to this forum, pressing the 3 bars just drags out that sidebar. :man_shrugging:

Someone else said to just press on the header itself, which I find does then take it back to the ‘classic’ frontpage and drop down menu.

I guess whatever works is best. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I still think this whole ‘upgrade’ or whatever we want to call it, was unnecessary. The forum was perfectly easy to navigate before.

My favorite feature of the forum is gone: the quick ”unread” link with a “mark as read” option. The garbage sidebar took away functionality, please remove it and bring back the old forum UI


Can’t quickly access specific forums as before on mobile devices too, very clunky the new UI

Isn’t the forum controlled by an outside source making SG/Zynga completely outside the ability to implement changes?

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I really don’t know, but whoever is responsible for this ‘upgrade’ would be well served in winding it back to the original layout. In my opinion, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:


The forum software is a third party program called Discourse. SG doesn’t control it, beyond setting up defaults.

You can try to find a place there to make a request for the old layout …

Except when I go there and click on “Community” I get “502 Bad Gateway”

Hmmm, maybe Zynga bought out Discourse? :rofl:


If you scroll down to post 923 perti mentions change …

Im kinda getting used to it …I can easily check stuff as things are in order me likes flags messages etc …

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