The Marley Army Start The New Year Off Right! Join Us

We are now seeking new members who enjoy the game. Need players who can help with titans and alliance quests! Cups not an issue. Perfer seasoned players looking for a different atmosphere but will take and help newbies. Titan flags used a must, war is optional. No hard core rules, just be active. Chat clean, friendly and helpful. Come try us out. We are going on 4 years strong! We are looking forward to New Lunar Year Event!


You need an alliance

Hi. Got Line? Can we talk?

Bumping ad…many thxs to Geist and Bloody-9 for joining our family.

Just saw your reply, sorry. Was unable to add you as friend to my line account, don’t know why. Perhaps if you add me as friend I can then find you. Line id is marge32179. Then maybe we can talk. If not maybe we can talk this way by replying in ad. Thxs, marge

Thanks, will add you.

Hi again, can you please check your settings? Can’t find u too.

Nonot.29 if you can try again. U might have disabled the adding

Hello. My friend and I are looking to join a new alliance that is more active. We have only been playing a couple months but we love to play. Both of us have over 600 trophies.

Come try us out! Alliance is open!

Still wanting active, energetic players to help with titans, war(opt), mythic titan and alliance quests.

Moving ad up…still recruiting new members…no invite neeed!

Have you foud an alliance? If not come on in…alliance is open.

Thxs to those who have joined…still need more players!

Still actively recruiting new members! Come join us!

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We are now officially 4 years old as an alliance! Come play with us!

I forgot to reply to this marge. I did join (Lich King). I also got Champion to join. We still need a few more and then we will be set!

THX YOU Litch! Find a few more like you and champion for us! As tony the tiger says…YOU ARE GREAT!!

Come join a 4 year old alliance for next POV event!

Thxs ragnar for joing our raggedly bunch of misfits! We appreciate you! Plz feel free to invite friends! marge 32179

Thxs Thanori for joining with us! Look forward to playing with you. Feel free to invite friend! Marge32179