The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

I agree with you, but still I’d still rather get 2nd Gullinursti, Proteus or Wilbur than Tiburtus, Hu Tao or LJ.

I hope you will pull Kara! :laughing:
Or at least Proteus, Almur or Jott!


Finished 10 more provinces of Atlantis on Hard. From 8 or 9 free pulls got only 3*, however all were S2 and all were useless to me at that point. No cAmeonna or cWilbur, sadly.

From 8 (so far) retrains in HA 9 got only a single green mana troop which I needed. Other were either critical troops or purple/yellow mana troop of which I have 5.

Got 450+ Tower Coins saved which I used today - only S1 heroes, sadly.

Had 15 ETTs from which I pulled only a single 4*, however it was key for me:

At least now my monoblue raid team is a charge-9 team.

Also after beating a lot of non-Alfrike teams previous two days with a mix of 4*/ 3* team on offense (and on defense same mixture, so far grade A) today I had to face two teams which both had 2x Alfrike, MN and Kalo. Lost to the first one before developing a working tactic vs the second one, which included Shrubbear. Shrubbear bought me enough time (ate 10 Alfrike cubes!) for my red part of the team (Falcon cColen Khagan cb) to charge and fire twice, which effectively ended the fight.

Edit: Ugh, it seems I screenshotted the wrong team…and the one that I beat didn’t have MN but Lady of the Lake instead… here it is:

I beat the previous team as well, however in that instance used a monoyellow stack, which surprisingly worked fine.

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I did my 3 summons and still did not get Kara. I think that will be the only measure of succcss for any pull for me until it happens: Kara or no Kara :laughing:

I got a dupe Guardian Falcon who is already digesting.

I then got these two:

I think between Black Friday and Summer Solstice I am like 7/10 on new heroes versus dupes. The two new ones are S5 which is nice given I am still early in S4 so getting S5 heroes otherwise was a long way out. Similar to getting Griffin from BF when I was still in S3. I haven’t gotten any of the super desired heroes on my list, but they end up being used.

Azmia is good. For some reason I keep getting riposte heroes: Cyprian + costume, Boril + costume, Elena + costume, Ferent, Azmia. It’s like the game is telling me to stand there and take it without dying :laughing:. She will be leveled soon. Not sure on emblems as Raffaele was about to get mono emblems, she may get some instead though.

It also adds to my list of nerfed heroes. No always thought F2P was generally safe for nerfs but then in the past roughly calendar year:

Malicna’s elemental link
Buddy’s minion HP

The first two especially blow my mind as to “why”. :man_shrugging:

If I get enough gems for another summon before it goes away I will probably do it.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:



Maybe it’s my fault. I want you to get Kara so bad that I jinxed your pulls.
Trying a different approach…
No more Kara for you Muchacho! I hope you won’t pull her!

Congrats on your pulls! Azmia and Jarif are good heroes, that’s what I heard and read.

PS. Why did you change your avatar from Cyprian to Boomer? Just curious. :blush:


I respect the heck out of his mustache. It’s a shame such magnificent facial hair is wasted on an unusable hero.

Respect the ‘stache!

If rosters were heroes it also feels like he is around where I would fall :laughing:



There is a gift of trainer troops to collect in-game:

I think it is a nice gift. :+1:


That portal is straight up taunting me, but I think I can stay strong. I really wanted to do my first 30-pull on one of these no-S1 portals, but I’m well short right now at almost 6300 gems. Even my built up Google Play credit won’t get me there.

A salute to our fallen elf brother. Was sad to take his emblems for Seshat, but it was the right call.

Congrats on some new blue toys. I do see Azmia on defense here and there, so I think she’s probably pretty good. I have not done any S5 pulls yet, and don’t really plan to until maybe August, to chase that HotM.

As someone who was affectionately referred to as “El Mustachio” by some of my friends in college, this exchange is one of the best ones I’ve read on the forum in a while.

:man_beard: <= me, before it went mostly gray!

Burned my 32 ETTs this morning in search of new magic troops. Nabbed several four-star troops, but only one magic troop (in red). I had ridiculous luck with ninjas, but I’m probably approaching 60 pulls in the magic troop portal, and I’ve only landed one so far. :man_shrugging:

Also tossed in 100 tower coins in search of a magic hero. Got Balthazar. Not THAT magic hero, darnit! Should get enough coins for one more pull before the weekend is up.

Finally, just a few more costume levels until Thorne has full costume bonus and is due for a limit break. Sadly, I think with so much power creep lately, his hit is actually less intimidating than before, or it seems that way to me. But, to roughly quote a little kid from an annoying cartoon my girls like to watch, “I said I was gonna do a thing, and I’m gonna do the thing.” Viva Uber-Thorne!


Lianna and Seshat are going to split his remnants.

Sounds straight up not fun. :laughing:

When this game isn’t being a prude it loves giving me blue heroes. That is for sure.

I see her more of an offensive riposte hero like my costume Elena. Ferent leans towards defense better I think. She is technically my 2nd overhealer I guess. :man_shrugging:. I will limit break her eventually I think. Monk emblems are in low supply right now currently. Given her heal perhaps she needs them less though. :man_shrugging:

I burned 21. I got a second green magic troop and a red one. That gives me 2 greens, 1 red, 1 yellow on around 30th pulls. I did get some 4’s too. Problem is feeders to level them anyway ….

I am well over 50 pulls there without a ninja troop. You nerfed my ninja portal along with my HA :laughing:

True of most of our heroes, but the hit is still stronger than your other options. Intimidating or not it is still better to upgrade your hit. There’s no downside to that.



Burned 38 ETTs and got purple magic troop… twice. Of course that would happen. Not complaining, but would prefer different colors rather than 2 of the same.

100 tower coins got me Boldtusk…


my magical heroes today so far are Oberon and Azar… not even Azlar, just Azar… :stuck_out_tongue:


Since there is no cooldown removal until next POV, and never really one to finish the summons challenge by any means, dropped my meager 9 ETT in and promptly got shafted on magic troops again when I was handed 1 green mana and 8 3* foodies. TC20s have been pretty dull since SE have finished so I am just collecting 3* food.

Isn’t it interesting how:

  1. If you enabled the Push Notifications in this game, the game still informs you that the Black Friday Portal is here? Looks like someone didn’t do a last minute QA check.
  2. $GG realizes how much of a cancer that S1 heroes are to the majority of players that they had to really toot the No Classic Hero horn really loudly with these portals (BF, SS, CF)?
  3. After 5 seasons they still are adding S2 contents (S2 costumes, heroes) instead of incorporating them into Classics? (I guess they can certainly point the finger to AR, as long as they do not totally do away with the event and the mechanics but continue to take tiny little bites out of it, like continuously shortening the time, might as well keep trying to make money by getting people to pull right?)
  4. S1 heroes are still the only diluting gachapon balls in every other portal, it’s not like this game really lacks any heroes.

@Noble_Weasel - I have roughly the same number of gems as you. As much as I would like to see new heroes on my roster, especially after freeing up my roster spaces post SE, I don’t think I will do any more 30x in this game for a long while, I probably won’t 10x with gems either until I am acquire the Isarnia costume (along with a few other costumes I am still missing). But I may still do about 2 gem summons here just to possibly get one or two new heroes in. The number of heroes in this game still greatly out numbers those I have on my roster.


like with you, I decided to use my ETTs now. logic: if I get the magic troops now, I can exploit them right away instead of waiting 3 months again for them to come around… and they make a big difference, whereas with mana troops one needs level 23 to shave a tile off average without additional bonuses, for magic troops that breakpoint seems to be reduced to a much more reasonable level 17

with 50 ETTs I only got a Purple magic troop, joining my Green magic troop from before. did get a handful of other 4* troops for feeding at least

well… at least Green can be used with Elradir and Chameleon, while Purple would be used with… um… Aeron I guess.





Yup. That gave me quite a stir when I received that notification.

$GG has never been thorough in their housekeeping. This is another example.


I’ve stopped playing E&P so can’t say for sure, but for the bits I’ve seen, your assumption is almost right. I think the portal is the sum of the others minus the elementals PLUS the 2 new heroes - Nyx and Hypnos, I think.

I’m glad you found the spreadsheet useful! Unfortunately, the source data file won’t be updated any longer since I’m not paying attention to the game really any more. If someone wants to take over the source data spreadsheet though, you should just be able to put in the new URL on the configuration sheet to keep it working.


you can do it! :muscle: you know what’s helping me? that thread where people are posting their 10x and 30x pulls. i count up the heroes in them i already have and it’s always half or more. it’s really keeping my head on straight, as it were.

poor Buddy. he may be the second hero i’ve ever reset. I just finished maxing Lianna, and she could use the emblems. Buddy’s stats are just so poor for what he does.

gratz on your Azmia btw! i just ran into a pretty nasty Azmia/Ferant up front in double formation defense the other day. something for you to consider, maybe.

Love it, @sleepyhead! loved the last meme in the meme thread too, June calendar is crowded. Good to see someone putting the S1 5*s to good use though. i have so far disregarded the ‘conventional wisdom’ on the forum that uncostumed S1 5* (or even 4*) are ‘trash’, and just gone ahead with them (like Lianna) if they were an improvement to my roster. Vivica just showed up from TC20 about a month ago and instead of throwing her in the HA10 woodchipper, i kept her because I could see how she could be extremely useful. D’Andre is nice, but her defense up is not conditional. It’s going to be a hard decision who gets darts next though because i have several good candidates now.

But yeah, I also love Skittles and Scarlett and a bunch of other heroes many people think are terrible. it’s just part of working with what you have instead of having everything to work with i guess.

Re: troops

I used 6 ETTs so far and got 4 4* troops, including a green magic troop! my first mana boosting troop in green! :partying_face: also got two other magic troops (purple/yellow) and another red crit troop. the yellow and red ones i got today may go into HA9 some day i guess, in search of more green mana troops.

that was such a good result though i decided to take a break from pulling troops for the day. kind of annoying that PoV isn’t running during magic tower so the troop summons count, but I’ll still probably pull most of my other 30+ troop tokens anyway. i’ve been stockpiling grey tokens for PoV so if i need to use 30 grey tokens for PoV instead so be it.

i’ve got some various coins starting to build up, so i will definitely do a few pulls here and there to try and get Arfanias, especially since Kalevala is coming soon. which is crazy, btw, having another ‘seasonal’ event so soon. I was hoping to stay on top of the Dunes missions but i’ll just barely have the provinces done the first time before the new ones show up now.

oh well, good luck have fun everyone!


Used my 27 ETTs and got a purple magic troop, the rest were feeders including three 4* crit troops.
Now I have four purple mana and one purple magic troop. Wished for red or yellow, but I am glad to got a magic troop.

100 tower coins gave me Greymane, more fodder.

Happy gaming

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That’s what made me pull! :laughing: I would count so few I was like, let’s do it! The perks of a pitiable roster. :+1:

She’s great, I love mine. She is in my D team soon.

I have heard of this combo. I can LB her, but emblems for links are non existent so it’ll be slow to max her. Not sure she can hang when she’s not maxed? Maybe? I am not that worried about my D team anyways.

That is what made me so mad about the nerf. It was lazy of them to involve him and than callous to not fix him. Anyway ….

They’re not. They can get the job done, just not as sexy as the new heroes.

One of my favorite parts is figuring out how to make my random parts and pieces work.

I use A LOT more than that still regularly :laughing:



Makes mental note to check this thread. Good idea.

Wow! Great result. Congrats!

Just noticed this today as well. I had assumed it would span July and August. Heads up, @Gwniver . Here’s another chance to land Arfanias. I know he’s on your wish list.


Wow @Sam-I-Am great troop luck!! And thanks for reinforcing the point that we all have different rosters, so a hero useless for one could be very useful for another :slight_smile: some of my best heroes are still the classic non costumes s1s. And thanks for your kind words re my memes too :slight_smile: