Aethers and Mats Offers - February 2022 (and beyond?)

Soul Exchange is HERE!!! As expected, it came with its own offer :point_up:!!! How can Zynga/SGG let go of any monetisation Avenue?!

Date : 30 May 2022
Offer : Offer of Souls (Inaugural Launch)
Price : Varies

Tier 1 S$28.98 / US$19.99
2* Hero Trainer 10x @$0.715 = $7.15
Price for that lonely Classic Legendary Hero Token = $21.83

Tier 2 S$44.98 / US$29.99
3* Hero Trainer 10x @$1.19 = $11.90
Price for 2x CLHT = $33.08
=> Price for 1x with this offer => $16.54

Tier 3 S$68.98 /US$49.99
4* Hero Trainer 10x @$2.38 = $23.80
Price for 3x CLHT = $45.18
=> Price for 1x with this offer => $15.06

Buy all 3 offers for 6x CLHT $100.09
Each CLHT = $16.68

By extension: Valuation of each tier:
Tier 1 Grade C 10 Souls = $166.80
Tier 2 Grade B 15 Souls = $250.20
Tier 3 Grade A 20 Souls = $333.60



Price in Australian Dollar.

Any idea why your prices end in .98? :face_with_monocle:

Edited to add:

Some interesting discussion on this offer.

In Cantonese, a Chinese dialect, 8 sounds like “prosper”. 9 is sorta connected to longetivity.

Together 98 = long long prosper

Suppose makes a spender feel better about spending. After spending, money will flow back in to refill the wallet ?

It’s a practice based on superstition.

Some offers are 48. 4 means die in that same dialect.

48 = die die prosper => sure thing

Whatever gets those dollars in, I suppose.

I personally prefer: get 10% back for every $1 spent

Thanks for your explanation @BlackZed! :+1:

That’s my interpretation. Cos I am Cantonese. May not work in other dialects. :joy::rofl:

Date : 1 June 2022
Offer : Summer Solstice
Price : $4.48 / $28.98

I cannot remember the details for the Black Friday gem offers but I reckon it should be similar, if not identical.

Offer 1 : 500 gems $4.48
Price for equivalent from Shop = $7.19
Discount 38%

Offer 2 : 2700 gems $28.98
Price for equivalent from Shop = $38.80
Discount 25%

Meeting this offer head on is Day 1 offer from ToM

ToM D1 $4.48
Gems 300
Coins 100x = 350
Value in Gems = 650 = $9.34
Discount 52%

Price per coin summon = $2.41
Price for 300 gems = $2.07
Price for 500 gems, based on ToM D1 pricing = $3.45

I would rather buy ToM D1 offer unless I have zero interest in the ToM/NT/CoK AQ portals.


You see a new offer on the game and the first thing I do is check this thread! Thanks for all the hard work!

I was wondering if it’d be worthwhile to have a spreadsheet for all these offers as well as unit prices. Would let folks calculate their own ad hoc discounts and worthiness. It’s a huge ask for sure and will take a lot of time to keep updated as new offers come but if any of the spreadsheet wizards are looking for a challenge… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol I think there is at least one other thread on season gem/coin offers.

There should be some spreadsheets in private collections. But based on their currencies.

Mine are in Singapore dollars. I emphasise the discount as that factor would be close enough, regardless of currency.

Yup! Can confirm that the discount is consistent across currencies. Mine is in USD.


As of this month I will start making a monthly aether offers post for quicker reference. :wink:

June 2022 Aether Offers

  1. Valor Pass / Premium Valor Pass (50 days offer duration, now discontinued)

  2. Summer Offers Day 17

Date: 1 June

  1. Valor Pass / Premium Valor Pass NEW 28 days duration


@BlackZed I have enjoyed updating this thread with you. However, unfortunately, I have decided that this is the final month I will continue posting monthly aether offers.

We started this in February and it will finish at the end of the month/maybe early July-ish at the latest from my end.

I think February 2022 to June 2022 is good chunk of months. :wink:


I can’t remember what the BF Mega Sale was like. Suspect it’s similar.

Date : 3 June 2022
Offer : Summer Solstice Mega Sale
Price : $6.98 / $44.98 / $148.98

Offer 1 650 gems $6.98
3* Hero Trainer 10x @$1.19 = $11.90

This means the 650 gems are literally FREE!
From 650 gems perspective …

600 gems in S4 = $4.48
650 gems => $4.85 (Discount 48%)
10x 3* Hero Trainers = $2.13 (Discount 82%)

This deal is one of the best deals ever.

Offer 2 3600 gems $44.98
Emblems 500x = $15.00
3AM 2x = $3.00
Gem & Gem Equivalents = $26.98

Gem & Gem Equivalents $26.98
3x Titan Flasks = 300 gems
Gems = 3600
Value in gems = 3900 => $56.05 from Shop
Discount 52%
Without the titan flasks, Discount is 48%.

Offer 3 12,000 Gems $148.98
Tome/ D Blade = $17.00
Reset Emblem (75 emblems) = $2.25
(Saves 5% of 1500 emblems that would be lost if reset with gems)

Gem & Gem Equivalents $129.73
Gems = 12,000
Dunes 300x = 1050 gems
EHT 2x = 600 gems
5x Timestops = 300 gems
5x Tornadoes = 375 gems
5x Revive Scrolls = 120 gems
Gems saved from using reset emblem = 171 gems
(No value assigned to farmable CM)
Value in Gems = 14,616 => $210.04 from Shop
Discount 38%

Comparison to ToM D2/3 offers

D2 500 gems $6.98
Gems = 500
Coins 125 = 375 gems
ETT = 200 gems
Value in Gems = 1075 => $15.45 from Shop
Discount 55%

D3 1000 gems $14.98
Gems = 1000
Coins 300 = 900 gems
5x Caltrops = 1250 gems
5x Time Freeze = 1500 gems
Value in Gems = 4650 => $66.82 from Shop
Discount 88%

Without the weapons. Discount is 45%.


The first tier is definitely the same. I am almost sure about the second. Third is also similar, coins changed but that’s it. Meh.

Third tower offer is better if going for pulls. Also, I need Damascus blades, and there is convenient offer in Sand Empire…


This is disappointing. I thought 12K gems plus the coins/tokens would be a good offer. Combined with Tome which is the hardest one to find. Usually you get 10k gems for the same price.

Previous such offers - I see that the discount increased this time from 31% to 38% :rofl:

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The Lunar New Year offer has different components in it apart from gems.

Based on the items offered, I didn’t think the $148.98 offer was good value on account of the CM bundles lumped in. Those can be farmed.

If those were replaced with troop or hero trainers, the gem discount would be higher. At least 40%.


@BlackZed Just want to make sure that you see my notice for you.

All good things come to an end.

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The 28-day POV has arrived. Promise of more for the same price. I didn’t think that SGG would lower their prices: bad for business growth.

Is it worth it ? I would buy if if I stay active. Here’s why :

Date : 6 June 2022
Offer : POV Pass (28 day POV)
Price : $14.98

Non-gem based items
Aethers : I-8x, II-5x, III-1x => S$7.00
Emblems 160x => $4.80
Ham 3m => $3.22
Iron 1m => $1.70 (not that I need any)
3AM 1x => $1.50
4AM 1x => $7.00
Loot Tix 40x => $2.80
Price for the above = $28.02

Trainers 1* 2x = $0.95
Trainers 2* 2x = $1.43
Trainers 3* 2x = $2.38
Trainers 4* 2x = $4.76
Price for Trainers = $9.52

Total for Non-gem based items = $37.54

Gem Equivalent Items
WE Flasks 8x = 800 gems
Raid Flasks 6x = 600
ETT 3x = 600
EHT 4x = 1200
Challenge Coins 30x = 900
Dunes Coins 300x = 1050
Tornadoes 30x = 2250
Hurricanes 40x = 10,000
Value in Gems = 17,400 => $250.05 from the Shop

And the icing …
Gems = 900 => $12.93 from the Shop

Won’t be computing the discount as the discount would vary according to each player’s needs.


I guess the only question then, is the discount better or worse than old path of valor?

If you consider everything, I think this POV Pass is better value. 30 tornadoes and 40 hurricanes are not to sneezed at.

This is the link for that 50 Day POV where I included the free stuff in my calculation. I should have omitted those.

Even then, the “value” for this 28 day POV Pass is still better mainly because of the tornadoes and the hurricanes.


Tks for the great work!

Can i ask is there a difference in items / gems
From previous pov and current one?

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I haven’t done a detailed comparison yet. Try to find some time later.

Quick glance : The 28-day POV rewards have been condensed. The fillers (easily farmed items) have been removed. That’s the more obvious change.

Higher value items like tornadoes and hurricanes either increased or added in.

From another POV thread: avatars removed. EHT reduced by 3x: from the premium package.

My suggestion : look through the paid rewards. Decide what you need or want. Then assess the total value for you, based on that. Don’t look at the entire package of paid rewards and then go wow.

For me: what I want or need works out to 300% of S$14.98. Would I buy in ? Probably.

Can I get those items from other offers? Yes. And with either more gems (which comes in handy) or more of what I need rather than want.