The Fifth Element is looking for new members

The Fifth Element is looking for new members.

We are 13 members active in Titan battles and wars. Currently fighting 6*, 7* and 8* Titans. We use all of our flags in wars. Members range from level 64 to level 23. Seven members are level 40 or higher. Typically 12 members fight in wars. Alliance Score is 97593. Trophy score is 25751. Titan score 42520. War score 29322.

We do not use Line or Discord. This is a game, not our life. Most of us are very communicative on the Alliance chat. Members are from Canada, the United States, the U.K., South Africa, and Lebanon. English is the language of the alliance. You have to communicate. This is essential. If you opt into the war you must use all flags.

We are looking for members that are willing to learn. We will accept all regardless of level if you communicate and want to grow.

Come check us out! Our leader is Lilu.

Hello, how about merging crews together ? Git Your Rage On!

We’re tight crew, playing and supporting each other, coming from 3 different alliances, so we have an experience on how to welcome and take care about new members.

Let me know and take care,

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Knights of Tomorrow would like to offer a merger with us. We’ve been around over 2 years and have a great group left but we lost a number of people to life duties.

All members are between level 49 & 67 & everyone has pretty solid teams. We just need more members to start taking down bigger Titans.

We’re not a chatty bunch most times & ask for the usual casual commitments: Hit Titan daily, use war flags or opt out, let us know if you’re going to be offline an extended time.

All your current leaders would be made co-leaders upon joining.

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Thanks for the offer but the consensus is to stay put and recruit. A merger is too daunting. Intriguing though…, Good looking team.

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