Telescopes to Oniwakamaru or Milena?

For my next set of telescopes shall I use them on Oniwakamaru or Milena? I have played with Oniwakamaru at 3-70 and he is fun, I can imagine his usefulness fully ascended. Milena, I got from the soul exchange. I have not played around with her much (but I have been on the receiving end of her skills in raids).

Blue taunt heroes I have Krampus (without a costume). Blue 5 star healers I have fully ascended Esme and Raffaele.

I am having trouble deciding. Would love some advice. Thank you!

Milena is very useful and I would suggest you take her to 3/70 and test her out for a bit to be fair and then decide to go with the one your having fun with…


Hello! A poll is here for your troubles…

  • Oniwakamaru
  • Milena

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Personally, I would work on Milena - whilst Esme is good, a booster & fiend eater - I do feel like she’s never particularly wow’ed me. Raffaele, great when he goess off but it’s whether you work with slow heroes. Milena - for me - offers a very fast cleanse and baby heal, or if you don’t need the heal? attack and dispel.

Oniwakamaru has a lot of potential, but, I think my issue is that it just feels like he’s missing something from his card in terms of either having some sort of highly defensive ability that helps sustain him a little longer (think: Black Knight damage drop; Krampus increasing def up; Ludwig def against special skills) or providing something to allies, so even if he gets dispelled, they still have some firepower.

As L33t said though, bring her to 3/70 first and have some fun! :+1:

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I personally would focus on Milena

Whichever hero you choose good luck


I have both maxed - Milena hands down


Milena is so versatile. She saves you and annihilates enemies. One of the best.


Milena as she has too many things in her skills.
Heal cleans, and a chance of mana to allies all at fast speed.
Damage to all and dispel and mana to allies at slow speed.
She is a staple in raids for me almost always. Her heal at first charge is a game saver.

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Thank you everyone for all the replies! I think I will use the telescopes on Milena. Ugh! Long, long wait for the next set of telescopes. I also just noticed that I have more emblems for Milena. While I wait to accumulate telescopes, I will try to accumulate more monk emblems. I need many, many of those for many of my monk heroes.

Next when the time comes, I will have to decide on who to limit break. Hippo or Milena?


“Oniwakamaru has a lot of potential, but, I think my issue is that it just feels like he’s missing something from his card in terms of either having some sort of highly defensive ability that helps sustain him a little longer”

Read this post - 》 closed this topic -》 did remember how many game “high level experts” this board does contain :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ask any competetive alliance if they think oni is missing something…
Btw his boosted health is super handy (which is the defense abilty by the way u said is missing)
So i dont know if yall even is reading those cards properly :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Are you a beta player ? :sweat_smile:

They both are top notch best of the best type options (not only for blue but for every colour) for versatile players so anybody who does have them needs to max both - which one is done first is not really relevant because they both are that good

Maybe if you already have 2 maxed krampus i would do milena first but oni is sooooo much better than krampus really

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I definitely intend on doing both. I don’t get very lucky with the summons but in this rare instance I did. :star_struck:

Thank you for your generalised assumptions about me :+1: But also let’s not forget that this is still a public space where people can give their opinions on things.

The boosted health, in my opinion, is not necessarily a defensive ability, since I can continue to just tile or special dump as normal and wittle him down (and usually quicker than Krampus or BK) and boosted health is a one time thing, defensive buffs last a number of turns. I also made reference to the attack up that they both can give allies too, which Oni can’t do. The key advantage to Oni is having a very fast taunt - which is great for use offensively - but then Milena is also very versatile offensive hero. Both kind of suck on defence though because that’s the nature of charge heroes. Ultimately, it depends on the OP’s playstyle as to whether they want to lock down Khufu’s (or equivalent) or have the super quick heal/cleanse. They both have their place.

Similarly, your opinion is that they are both the best of the best for every colour, and they need to be maxed. Same could be said for MANY situational heroes both older and newer. And honestly, given how long it takes to gather 6 scopes for the average person? I would rather opt for the more verasatile hero. Oh, and OP already mentioned having Krampus w/o costume already so…

Thing is there are still a huge number of factors about OP’s roster and gameplay style that were not mentioned, therefore, I can only give my own subjective opinion based on my experience fighting against them, comments from the discussion pages on the forum, and other alliance members who were lucky to get the pull.

Also, I at no point have claimed to be an expert, nor have I claimed to be in a competitive alliance either. But neither did the OP, and lest we forget that 99% of players are not in a true competitive alliance either :smiley:

Have a great day!


I am not top player but I do raid with my Milena and x2 taunter (Ludwig and Kara) in almost every raid attack. Milena is useful as she is. She is very fast life saver. Normal taunter is great but that have problem against fast hit all like C Guardian Panther, some dispeller like Louhi and buff stealer like Diaochan and The Hatter. Oniwakamaru will be much better choice against them.

However, I still think Milena is still a bit better than Oniwakamaru because Milena is more widely useful. Even if you didn’t have Krampus, I would still vote for Milena.


Depending on your roster and who you are fighting against. There are cases where Oni is better but both heroes must be maxed.

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