Te11uria Challenge

So someone posted a fun(ny) Challenge in the Telluria Post. Anyway, thought I would give it a shot with some modifications to make it easier to manage…like a single recording instead of streaming live.

I just let RNG give me 11 Telly tanks in a row on one continuous recording…had some wins, some close fights, and got my ■■■■ kicked during the 11.

We did a similar one similar to war hits when Telly first came out…a single recording, 6 RNG successive Telly tanks with 6 unique teams like AW. Can’t use same hero more than once.

Reposting the challenge here in case anyone wants to give it a try.


Sounds fun. Bookmarked. Will see if I have a free hour to do this challenge.

Additional proof could be to show the tower with all attacks done to prevent cutting out of lost battles.


Good idea I snatched it before the revenges bumped them out of tower lol

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@DerricSYG @Rigs

Full breakdown of the teams and results in the Youtube Notes


In the other thread a couple of my stipulations got picked apart and then the thread got all nasty and locked before I could respond with why I wanted to do the picking of teams.

First reason was actually RNG, the swings that happen in RNG are too drastic when working with 11 fights. I didn’t want someone losing to 3 super strong teams in the first 3 fights just as much as I didn’t wantsomeone getting poorly hobbled teams the entire challenge and breezng (I use that term loosely) through it. I thought the way it was setup seemed pretty fair since there would be fights on both sides of the spectrum peppered through the entire challenge.

I also envisioned it to be a spectator event and the choices made by me and the challenger would add a bit of drama and make it interactive with the audience somewhat since they could throw their opinions around in chat while the decisions were being made.

The fact that the team was picked before the rolls began i suppose could’ve been removed but i wanted some type of chance still involved in the possible rolls. Like maybe the challenger was looking for his favorite team to fight but only had 5 rolls to fnd it or I was looking for the toughest possible team and had to settle for a not so tough team because time was running out.

I also wanted certain smack talkers that were in that thread to take the challenge because I know they were full of it, hence rule #1. Didn’t want to call anyone out by name since the personal attack clause in the forums can be called upon for damn near any reason.

Thanks for trying the neutered challenge though and i did get sent one video in line of my pal @Kamikaze_Assassin killing 17 in a row (unofficially) so I know he’s going to take me up on it and make me buy him gems eventually haha.


It was fun…but I’d call it more realistic than “neutered” :joy: by removing personal bias of someone saying yes or no I was matched up with progressively harder teams…all but one were above 4500, 8 above 4600, most ranked top 200 and by the end I think one was global#9 (which got me up to 11 lol)

Plus I am old dude…wouldn’t even begin to know how to stream live :eyes:

Anyway: hoping it serves its original purpose and some of those from thread post their efforts or take you up on your full challenge which I reposted up top.


I wouldn’t mind watchin it, doubt I’ll have a flexible enough schedule to catch it live though @DerricSYG

Thanks for the shout though, looks like fun

I don’t think you’ll see anyone take you up on it that hasn’t already done so.

I’ve had that thread muted and just now went and looked at some of the posts i missed, holy crap lol…that thread belongs in the hall of shame as most toxic thread of all time. 3500+ posts…mind blowing


So I watched all 20+ minutes and, through very careful observation, I identified a glaring pattern that results in high success rates… If you just have 3 yellow troops at 30 you will fare pretty well. :man_shrugging: :rofl:

I’m just heckling. 9 - 2 is still impressive. Would like to see some more players take this challenge to see the variance of attacking teams and play styles.


Must have been good if it brought you out of your 9 month slumber

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That’s why I listed the TP on the YouTube notes…in the majority of the matches the TP was higher than my team. Yes I had 3 yellow Troops that were 30…though the crit troop isn’t as much as a help as a mana would be…but guess what. In a lot of the cases the troops I was fighting against were HIGHER than my troops. So yes there is something to take out of that…do you really expect to face teams where in a majority of the defenses they have FIVE troops at 29 or 30 and expect to win if your troops are 10? Troops make a difference yes but more times the man not the troops were higher than mine so dismissing as “you have high troops” is a cop out.

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading, but I purposely kept myself logged out long enough to avoid posting with emotions instead of logic… This thread seems interesting and I think it might offer some insight and generate actual discussion rather than a flame fest akin to the nerf thread.

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I’d love to see more teams try too…kinda why I reposted from the other thread. It’s boring now facing same defenses over and over so, for me, this injected a bit of life into raiding that has been gone for a while.


Give me a few, I’ll get my gas and lighter ready lol

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It was just a bit of well-meaning heckling; please don’t take it as a direct shot. I know better than to openly insult and cry cop-outs. I just like to take jabs where I can, but try to keep it lighthearted.

Troops do, however, make a huge difference. I have 1 red Mana troop at 28, 1 at 11, and I just recently took a 3rd to 11. Having the option to break an average red hero’s Mana (Queen of Hearts, specifically for me) as well as 2 troops to break GM and Grazul has increased my win percentage by a noticeable amount.


It’s a common theme, not you just you. I can share other threads where people make the same dismissive comments…if I had same Troops on Neith, Delilah, Guin, and Sif would I have had same results? Bottom line is yes, Telluria is a hero that you usually can’t beat if your troop levels are 7-10, and TP is 400 below enemy. Team synergy, composition, opening board work-through, up board development, enemy targeting, and luck all play into it. I fully expected to go about 7-4 here…had some good boards, some awful boards, and one holy mother gone in 60 seconds great board. But feel I really worked some of them and had I made other choices would have lost more regardless of troop level.


Absolutely no doubt that even the sturdiest offense will fall on its face if it’s not also paired with smart playing. I’ve had raids of my own that absolutely should have been wins; but, literally one slip of the thumb botching a combo can cost you…

What I’m noticing is that Telluria is not impossible, but he IS unforgiving. Facing top 100 Tell defenses requires an unprecedented level of both skill and luck. I’ve grown to hate the disparaging nature of the relationship between pro/anti-nerfers. I’m hoping by you posting a relatively candid approach to facing Tell defenses, it’ll spark some other players to do the same and maybe we’ll get some constructive insight into people’s successes and failures.


Guess I didn’t really expect many to do this…I think there is Telly Fatigue Syndrome

I prefer FTOTS, ****ing Tired of Telly Syndrome but TFS works too and is more family friendly.

How did I not see this?
Since I use the same team and never re-roll can I just do a continuous recording and share it with you @DerricSYG I never claimed to be awesome at killing Telly but if I do a continuous stream will it count?

I don’t want the prize or anything…just the thrill of the sport.

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You can do that like I did and post on the thread

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