TC 20 Didn't Give Me A Hero


I have 3 TC 20s and two are set to give me heros every other morning around 12 minutes apart. Neither one of them gave me a hero this morning. I thought maybe it was just a glitch on the first one but then the second produced nothing as well. I haven’t had any issues since I started the camps until now. So disappointed!!!


i always see, guys training and geting only 3*, about 80+, but nobody… thats so funny.

but I hope you get paid.


What is the exact remaining time on the tc? Screenshot of your tc20 would help


I ended up emptying all of my “trainees” into the remaining camp and redistributing them to start the clock over. After I did that and signed completely out and then back in again, two random 3* heros appeared in my queue. I don’t know if emptying the camps triggered it or if it was just a heck of a glitch. I’m waiting to see if it happens again