Training Camp completes training, but too few or no heroes produced [Master]

I just watched my training camp count down and then give me nothing… Twice. Fortunately, it was only for common training. But noticing it leaves me worried it has been happening more often and I didn’t notice and that I might get nothing from my epic training.

Edit: I only received about 11/17 that I trained.


You need to submit a support request. From in-Game:

Menu > Options > Support (Support)

EDIT: The Support Page has changed. “Announcements” button also contains FAQ and there is a Button at the bottom labeled Support for actual requests:

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Thanks for the tip, Rook!

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Are you sure this included no duplicates? They show only once when picking up multiple heroes, but they will be in your hero roster. Or was it a single training?


Yes, it definitely did not include duplicates.

Holy wacamole, this has happened to me twice in the last two days…I left 3 camps running overnight each with no less than 15-20. Next morning I got 4 on one, 2 on another and nothing on the 3rd. WTH ! I thought I was going crazy…I’ll be submitting a bug report. The worst part is that most of those were from skipped wait times, which means that I paid out of pocket for them…This sucks, but glad I’m not the only one…

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I have to report a bug too. I have two level 13 training camps and train elites on both of them. As you know it takes 48 hours to train an elite. Its the third time today(at 4pm +3 time zone) i do not get any hero (none). It takes a lot of resourse and time but you get nothing. Please fix this bug.
With regards

Please contact Game Support for help, from your game screen by clicking:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical)

ALSO ON ANY FAQ PAGE, will be a link for submitting a New Request.

Yesterday I had my training camp creating 40 heroes (lvl 19 camp), when I logged into game there were only 4 heroes made… I would like to know where the other 36 went. I am working on maxing Athena.
Thank you in advance for working on this.

Also the I did not get back the 72 people nor the food used to create the other 36 heroes.

if you want support to look into anything you need to open a support ticket. Support isn’t going to do anything based on posts here just FYI.

I lost 300 heroes a few days ago… Support acknowledged it was a bug and then basically said “hey, your loss, here’s a summon coin and we MIGHT fix the bug. We don’t care about the 600 recruits you lost.”

Don’t have any hopes of getting any help if you lost them due to a bug.

My energy reset didn’t all the way back to 3/3 when doing Titan battles. It stop at 2/3, and I had to wait a while than normal to get my last attack in, and this is not the first time this is happened. I wanted to give it time to wait and see if the recent maintenance break resolved, and it’s still not resolved.

In theory, yes, in practice, mmm don’t hold your breath…I contacted support with the exact same issue, with images, times, details etc…I can picture them shrugging their shoulders and smirking as they hit that button for generic “you’re on your own, we’ll take your money and you’ll like it” response…We should continue to submit those reports and hope they fix it at some point, I’m just saying abandon all hope for compensation as clearly they’re not in the customer service industry…

So, if i understood correct the bug works such way - if your training queue is over and you don’t have enough free slots for heroes so they will just disappear ?

They are, but they’re not particularly good at it. Following ToS like a religion usually doesn’t sit well with good customer service.

I’ll just wait for this post to be moderated now I guess…

Basically yes, happens when you cancel heroes still in training and you don’t have enough space to collect all heroes already trained. Possibly there are more variants of the bug, but that’s what happened to me.

Hi, I logged in and all of my training camps are empty. I had more than 7 days of queue in one and maybe a day of fire only heroes queued up in another, along with a rare only. What happened?

I have 3 TC 20s and two are set to give me heros every other morning around 12 minutes apart. Neither one of them gave me a hero this morning. I thought maybe it was just a glitch on the first one but then the second produced nothing as well. I haven’t had any issues since I started the camps until now. So disappointed!!!

i always see, guys training and geting only 3*, about 80+, but nobody… thats so funny.

but I hope you get paid.

What is the exact remaining time on the tc? Screenshot of your tc20 would help

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