(Take 2) Titan Mission vs Monster Mission Loot

Another (derailed) thread originated by @Denys tweaked my interest in this topic.

Anecdotally it would appear that the quality of loot you get from Titan missions over time appears no better than that of Monster chests.
Certainly I haven’t observed getting any more rares or better items from Titan missions… in fact I recall more instances of decent rewards from monster chests (probably because I finish more of those… duh).

Now is this fair?
As correctly stated by @Raduk in the other thread, you have the advantage with Monster Missions of resetting their timer with Gems and continuing to farm to fill them over and over.
Titan chests can only be filled every 5 days (assuming no escapes).

Surely this discrepancy in the difficulty of filling the chest should be recognised with noticeably better rewards from it on average?

Has anyone done the numbers / collated the data to show if this really is the case? (My observations are purely anecdotal.)

Does anyone know if there is a ‘structural’ difference in Titan vs Monster mission loot slots? (i.e. more slots for Titan mission, potential or otherwise?)


Perhaps the author of this thread kept track of his titan chests as well? @mrock42


To me they are all wanted missions with the same graphic. Makes sense that they have the same loot table for all three chests


I agree, they are the same icon so I expect similar results. The elemental chests however, which are slightly larger and have the extra stripe, are a different icon so I expect something different.

Having said that I do agree Titan chests take longer and are harder to fill so should be more rewarding.


I did keep track, but only have data on 14 of them so it’s hard to draw too many conclusions. In those 14 I’ve gotten one 3* ascension item, one 4* ascension item, one epic troop token, and two epic hero tokens. Based on that limited data the titan chests seem to have better odds than regular chests, but still lower than they should be IMO. In fact, so far I’ve found five days of Mystic Vision loot seems better than the 5 days it takes to fill a titan chest.


Would be cool to get better loot from the Titan chests. Not sure what the percentage chance are to get rare AM from monster or hero chests, but maybe just a couple % more would make it feel more rewarding.


So much of the frustration expressed on this board comes from one really simple fact. Lack of any semblance of transparency. We don’t really know the percentages, reward structures, or criteria for anything. If all of the rewards were exactly as they are now, but we actually knew the chances of receiving things, I think everyone might feel better about all of this.

Transparency would be great, but I don’t think that will affect people’s happiness/unhappiness about the outcomes. Some people come here to learn, others come to complain.

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Nothing concrete (or even substantial, probably) to add, but I couldn’t care less about the titan chest.

You don’t have to go out of your way to fill it, if you wanted to you could just hit each titan once and coat-tail off other members hard work to fill it. I try to look at each titan chest fill as an overall that includes dropped loot as you can’t have one without the other, so I consider each chest as 12-15 ascension items, 6 lots of food/iron and the battle items/tokens/trainers whatever that comes with, whatever I get from the chest itself at the end is just a bonus draw. If I was farming 3/4* asc mats on the map or from raids while actively filling the other chests, I’d care more, but since I’m getting them from titan drops while the chest ticks over quietly in the background, I’m happy.

Obviously everyone has their own experience, and I don’t track the chests to know for sure, but it feels like I get just as many unfarmable materials from the titan chest as I do the other two, as I seem to have bad luck with those. Filling two monster chests and one raid per day probably yields one unfarmable item every fortnight, while I seem to get one from every second or third titan chest, yet Mystic Vision seems to drop a 4* item once a week with 3* items thrown in too.

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Thanks for the link @Fledoble.

I looked through it and spotted this:

(edit) This data does not include titan chests or drops from them. I started out logging them but noticed the drops seemed better in them and didn’t think I would get enough data, given the 5+day fill time, to draw any conclusions. Rare chests can spawn from titan chests, which may change these odds slightly. However I opened 25-35x more monster/raid chests than titan chests so it wouldn’t be a huge change(/edit) Now, on to the good stuff!

So nothing conclusive there.

Reading through the responses and thinking about it, I’m kinda with @MantisToboggan on this one… the Titan chest is just something that fills naturally as a part of normal play of the game (assuming you are taking part in Titan fights, of course). So it’s not really something you need to ‘strive for’ to fill. You’d get better loot from the Titans themselves probably than the Titan chests over time, so not much point complaining about the latter. They’re just there as sort of (mild) bonus with a small chance of a pleasant surprise.

Of course this doesn’t stop the inevitable feeling ranging between ‘meh’ and active disappointment when you cash in the mission and see the usual disappointing results, but I guess that’s just a state of mind thing. If you open the chest not expecting anything great, then you can’t be disappointed then, can you? :slight_smile: