Titan chests have the same loot as monster chests

Is it just me or are they horrendous

I think I get better look from just killing 1 Titan

I just got a telescope from my titan chest, then another one from my monster chest a minute later, so yeah maybe you’re right they do look the same.

Also, I’m with Fledoble, you’ve done nothing but whine for months.

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Same here…I just got an A+ rating on a 7* Titan and got nothing but crud. Oh no, wait, I did get a dragon banner…UGH!!!

Cause this game is trash on loot

The only ones who don’t accept that are the people who played for years and are addicted or the heavy spenders



Dude, why dont you just quit the game if it frustrates you so much?

Or bring something constructive to the table instead of all this “buuhuu this game is unfair and loot sucks”


the loot tables do leave something to be desired, but they are far from the worst.

the problem is not that you dislike it, its the way you go about dealing with it. you think the devs will give the slightest hoot that someone is ranting over not getting good stuff?
however, if you went to the suggestion page and wrote something logical, fair, and compelling, you are far more likely to get something done. they do listen, but if they listened to every rant, this game would be a mess.

(think i’ll write a suggestion for changing some things on the loot tables… hmmm…)

I didn’t flag you.

As for growing up: you’re displaying an incredible lack of maturity by continuing to vomit on these forums in this manner; if you dislike something so much, especially a game when there are literally thousands of other titles including some incredibly similar that you could be playing, do something else with your time.


Why you changing my title?

If you can’t handle someone’s opinion, find something else to do with your own time

You do love this game. At least as much as i love it.
No one go on complaining so much on something he don’t care/don’t like.

So, what’s your purpose?

You want to be the troll of the village?
Exorcise some bad luck?
Have some “like” on your posts?

I don’t even know what you’re trying to say

Really? Oh, nevermind then :slightly_smiling_face:

Please go on.

Someone just delete this post. It’s basically just a fight at this point.

@Denys what was the original title?

Titan chests have the same loot as monster chests

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That was an interesting title… too bad it’s gone.
I think the mods @Coppersky or @Rook should have an oppinion.

You can view original title by clicking at orange pencil at the top of the post.

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I’m not comfortable with the forced change in title, even if it’s perception by some that it’s whining.

I’ve seen other posts that are negative on game loot and mechanics get a lot of likes. The ‘whines’ are legitimate feedback, even if the opinion is not liked by some.

The original title gives some context to the post… Titan mission chests do largely have similar loot (anecdotally) as monster chests. The opinion that it’s horrendous is just that… an opinion (to which the OP is entitled). I would be interested to know if there is a structural difference between Titan and Monster mission chests that would yield better loot for Titan missions over time. If not, why not? It’s harder to fill a Titan chest than a Monster chest, so surely it should attract better chance of getting some good loot on average?

If people do not share the opinion, they are free to post response and readers can make up their own minds. Changing the post title (and thereby changing the meaning of the thread) because of difference in opinion is not a good path to be going down.


I don’t recall the original title, but if you tell me I can re-relabel it. :slight_smile:

As stated by Denys above.

Thanks. Hang on… :slight_smile:


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