Spent too much got too little

When Hel was available I spent $1000 trying to get her. Just now Alberich is available and I spent $500 but I gave up. I won’t spend money on this game anymore, this is ridiculous. The percentages don’t work out like advertised. It says 1% and some change chance but after 100 summons you don’t get what you pay for. I have a decent roster of 4* and I’m giving up on paying for the dope 5*. To the devs, you just lost a steady trickle of money. If each month I spend money and get what I want I keep spending money, but no this is stupid. I’m F2P now.


Ow :frowning:

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I was just talking about this with my alliance. I think Alby falls into ‘legendary featured heroes’. im just guessing. the odds of pulling one of those is 1.3%. Here’s some numbers of odds of pulling at least one legendary featured hero:

The formula is (1-(.987^#of pulls))/100
10x = 12.3%
100x = 73%
200x = 92.7%
300x = 98.1%

Now that’s just the odds of hitting that category. You want a specific hero in that category. My prob & stat skills to figure out how to get a specific hero out of that pool was lost 30 years worth of beer ago. It’s not as simple as just halving (assuming there are only 2 heroes) but that’s probably a reasonable approximation.


Spent too much, too. Bought lots of the offers the last 2 month. In sum 80 Euro, too much for some Bits and Bytes. Got only 3 stars and a Sumitomo from around 40 pulls. Choccin (5x), Gato(5x) and Melia(7x) like me a lot. I think i’m healed from summons for a while and that’s okay.
Todays 10x Atlantis pull was funny: 3 Melia, 3 Choccin, 3 Gato, 1 Moonhawk, exactly what a 10x summon should look like :wink:

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You say that you didn’t get what you paid for, but my question to you is this: what did you think you were paying for? If you thought you were paying for Alberich, then you were mistaken. You paid for $500 worth of OPPORTUNITIES to get Alberich, which is not the same thing. I didn’t really get what I wanted from the summons either, but I definitely got what I paid for, so if I’m unsatisfied, I have only myself to blame for not being able to manage my expectations appropriately.


Great explanation…

Nope you are not F2P
you are Ex- P2W player.
As a captian of F2Ps I am not taking you on our boat … :rofl:
Just RIP 1500$$
Ps: let me see …
1$ = 20 EGP
1500$$ = 30,000 EGP :open_mouth:
you can buy a house here with this much :ghost:

A house in Egypt only costs $1500 USD?



Wow, I had no idea people spent this much :o :o Can understand how it can get frustrating, but man, it’s exaclty like spending 1500$ on lottery tickets and winning nothing, wth were you thinking lol. It had to be expected

i think he was probably thinking 1.3% x 100 pulls = guaranteed HOTM.


With that logic, he should have gotten 1 Alby + .3 Alby (Little Alby).


And as a side note, maybe Petri will take adding Little Alby into account for a Wizard of Oz themed event.


This just made me laugh so hard. Awesome idea! :rofl:

I thought I would get at least something decent, I’d even take isarnia or azlar or something. I pretty much just spent $500 on food for boldtusk.

Thanks to this thread I feel a lot better about my spending and luck

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I’m happy people spend on the game - much happier now that the odds are publicly available, than I was when they were secret. Players who drop $500 or €1000 trying to get a particular hero pay for the rest of us.

But I don’t understand it. I mean, I really, really don’t understand it.

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It’s a scam, that what there is to understand. 1% chance of what you’re paying for? Garbage. Trash. The odds don’t even work out. 200 summons and don’t get a single 5*? Ridiculous. This is a mobile app and they want people to empty their pockets to actually be able to competively play. Bump up the odds I mean Jesus. 5% chance of a 5* is at least SOMETHING but for cricks sake this is absurd.


In fact, given the odds published and the willingness of people to spend money, 200 summons without a single 5* probably happens most every day.

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You’re defending a VERY FLAWED system. I could buy a car for $1500. Why would anybody continue to spend this much money without getting what they pay for?

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This is a mobile app game. This is too much money to spend on such a game without getting ■■■■


Might not help, but there are players here that have spent in excess of $20,000 USD… :scream:

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