Spent too much got too little

Yeahs and it’s fricked up. The devs are just milking at this point. No fairness to the players. Why should somebody need to spend 20k on this type of game? Completely ridiculous, just a money grab.

The problem here is that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what you are paying for. You are paying for a hero. You are getting a hero. Period. The RNG determines what hero you get. Each successive pull does not calculate increasingly favorable odds based on the amount of money that you have spent. That is purely a construct of your own poorly managed expectations.


So you’re happy to bend over a barrel then? You don’t think this is unfair? Read these threads it’s pitiful. People ask for the simplest of improvements and sacrifice so much just begging the devs to change something positively. They say “give us the ability to trade and we’ll empty our pockets. We’ll bend over” because they expect so little from the devs. There has to be an ■■■ ducking for the POSSIBILITY of a positive change

You are getting what you pay for. One hero per pull, of random quality (and a bonus chance for an extra HotM).

You are not getting what you expect. But that is a problem with your expectations, not with the game. Direct your complaints at your expectations.


I’ve spent a total of around $3000 on this and and gotten four 5*. My expectation is that the stats would match what I’m paying for. The amount of summons and the amount of 5* form add up like advertised. I don’t know how you can accept this and defend this.

That’s your problem. What’s advertised is a random pull, not matching stats.

You want something corrected? Correct your expectations.


The reason why this game is addictive is because it invokes the Gambler’s Fallacy.

If I spend $10,000 at the casino, and lose it all, surely the next $10,000 I spend will be fruitful…



I’m not bending over for anyone. I set my spending at manageable levels, understanding that the odds are low, and it’s not worth getting worked up over if the prize from the digital claw game isn’t the one that I wanted. The game rules are set by the developers and people play by their rules or not at all. How is it that you started playing a game, didn’t like the outcomes that you got, and then decided that the game mechanics should be changed to suit your arbitrary sense of fairness? I’m only defending the devs insomuch as you seem unwilling to accept that you gambled away 3000 dollars knowing that the odds were low up front but still want to make it someone else’s fault that you’re unhappy with the results.

  1. I thank you for spending $3,000 on the game. You’re funding it.
  2. Why would you do that? It’s a mobile app game.
  3. If you think a 1% chance of summoning a 5* hero means that 1 in every 100 heroes you summon will be 5*, then you don’t understand how probabilities work.
  4. If you don’t understand how probabilities work, then you probably shouldn’t spend money on a game based on low probability events.

Y’all are defending a system that could and should be better.

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If you think you can do better, just go ahead. Make a more popular game.

Or, you know, you could stop blaming “the system” for your poor choices.

That’s a very different point. The game is what it is, and the probabilities are what they are—and published now, too, thank you SGG. It’s working precisely the way it’s advertised, and you don’t like how the dice rolled for you. Go to The Strip in Las Vegas and you can find many others who share your pain, probably for much bigger cash.

Should the game be less RNG? And if so, how exactly? As an example, I think the Atlantis coins are a great example of reducing the RNGness of the game. Instead of sometimes maybe if you’re luck getting an Epic Hero token, you get a few coins with some greater reliability. Put enough together and, voila, you have an Atlantis summons. My alt did two, completely free Atlantis summons from coins this morning and got Domitia and Boldtusk. Very happy with that outcome. How else could some randomness be removed?

One issue to keep in mind asyou think about that question is to add, “without making the game even more P2W?” If you guarantee getting a 5* every 100 Summons, then P2W get an edge—particularly because SGG will then want to reduce the base odds of pulling a 5* to keep the overall flow at the same rate. That would result in a shift of 5* from random pulls by free- or cheap- to play accounts to big spenders.


I think 1% chance at the cool stuff sucks. Especially when you make over 300 pulls and still don’t get a 5*. They should bump the odds up a little.

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First all, I love the game and have no problems spending money on it. HOWEVER, I also know when the odds are so against my favor that it’s not worth trying anymore,… when if the circumstances were different, I’d still try (or spend).

The issue I have is this. I’ve been playing this game since Hel was HOTM. I play everyday, am very active, and I do think the game and what the devs did with the game are awesome. In summary, I have a lot of heroes.

The thing that bugs me the most with the current RNG is it’s just that…, it’s random… with no other options or tweaks.

random is good to a point, but there’s a point where my perceived value for my money quickly diminishes.

For example, during a new challenge event, or even The first Atlantis, spending money (to me) is perceived as most valuable. Even though I may have not got that new 5* I wanted… I got the other new 5*, with a slew of new 4s and even new 3s. There’s a lot of “new”.

After awhile of playing, all that “new” turns to “duplicates.” After more playing, more duplicates become unusable or a waste. Now instead of paying for pulls with the ability to get a lot of new stuff, I start paying for pulls with hopes to only get that 1 new hero… and this is when I say it’s not worth it.

As an example, in this Atlantis event, Mok-Arr is the new legendary. If I already have Ares, Alberich, Tarlak, all the new Atlantis 4s and 3s, the HOTM, how do I get Mok-Arr? I know spending a lot of money to get tons of duplicates to finally get Mok-Arr should not be the answer.

Same with the Knights event. I have Guin, Morgan, all the 4*s. How do I get Arthur? Again, spending a lot of money shouldn’t be the answer.

In real life, if this was a card game, I’d go buy that card I was missing. I wouldn’t buy another 5 boxes.

My 2 cents. Only wishing there was something else.



I bought the VIP pass twice, and after that’s when I said it’s not worth it. My budget may be smaller than yours, but it’s the same principle, right? :slight_smile:

It’s still a good game, and I’ll definitely finish season 2. I might even make a purchase or two on the way, just as a thank-you-for-the-game. But after season 2? We’ll see what comes.

Hahahaha. People spend the money to gain satisfaction/utility from it. It’s a value paradox.

True that the money spent can be used for more useful things in life like food and shelter or even shopping. But probably those things won’t give you as much satisfaction from getting a 5*.

Just don’t break your bank. Why condemn a game when it is our own choice to spend in it.

Most of us play games to escape from reality as what I call it. Unlike when I play professionally for a year (CS) 20 years ago. I have family now. I can’t sit in front of a PC all day to play games. Only the occasional gaming from the phone.

My only advice is that stop spending on a game that utilizes lottery style if you can’t take the heartbreak from not getting what you want and perhaps spend on other RPG games that guarantees items/equipment.


I’m impressed and surprised that anyone would honestly admit spending $3000 on this game.

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I play poker professionally, I have extra money and I’m willing to spend. But just as much as you guys think it’s odd that I would spend $3000 on this game I think it’s odd that I CAN SPEND $3000 on this game and not get anything noteworthy. Stop defending the system, you know this isn’t fair to the players. Over 300 pulls and no 5*. Imagine the frustration of being F2P and the time it takes for 300 pulls and getting nothing. The stats should be improved.


USD3000 is equivalent to the Tag Heuer I bought this year. Some people spend enough to buy several Rolex’s. :joy:

I realize the odds given is for the whole pool of players and not person. Some players do get lucky and some just not. Even if the system is flawed, why still play it?


No no no no no.

YOU are the one who defended and upheld the crappy system by spending $1500.

I’m glad you saw the light, at least momentarily here. But there are too many people spending too much money for SG to change.

They’re a business, man. They like they money. And that is OK. When they stop being able to print money from chumps throwing cash at pixels, they’ll maybe change the summons portals.

Until then, WE need to explain to you that it is a crappy system, but there is no reason why you should’ve had to spend $1500 to figure that out.

(Sorry about your luck, btw. But look at it objectively as a gift of clarity)


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