Special and seasonal war battlefields and more types of war support

Hi all. As we all know we have only three types of field support (healing, arrows and attack) and only one skin for background. It becomes usual after some time

I have idea to add more variety to alliance wars.


How might this work?
Special and seasonal events starts at Thursdays and last to end of Sunday. It also covers with time of one war.
The special war might take place during special and seasonal event. Special war includes some new graphic of backgruond (event thematic)and new, specific support during battles.

Rules of war don’t changes.

Here is what I want to propose:

  1. Sand Empire (dessert skin)
    Without status bar. Both sides (attacker and defenser) receives -35% precision along the battle.

  2. Springvaley (blossoming trees skin)
    Without status bar. All heroes from Sakura family receives +30% attack and defenser during whole battle.

  3. Mrolovia (dark castle skin)
    With status bar. Vampires. All enemies are vampires. After filling the bar they sucks 50 HP of enemies which are on front od to them (attacker team looses 50 HP of each hero and defenser heroes are receiving 50 HP for each)

  4. Christmas (snow skin)
    With status bar. Enemy team receives a gify. It’s a random bonus for defense team (+30% attack/defense, healing, arrows etc.)
    Every new gift dispells previous effect

  5. Atlantis (Underwater skin)
    Without status bar. All defender’s Heroes of an Atlantis family receives +30% attack and defense during whole battle.

  6. Pirates of Correlia (beach skin)
    Without status bar. All defender’s Heroes of Laguna familly receives +30% attack and defense during whole battle.

  7. Guardians of Tetloc (Tetloc temple skin)
    With status bar. All defender’s heroes are receiving Guardian Minion with 10% life and 15% attack of hero.

  8. Fables of Grimmforest (magic mushroom circle skin)
    With status bar. All defense heroes receives +20% mana, but if mana is full, they loose 20% od mana.

  9. Wonderland (plant labirynth skin)
    With status bar. After filling bar attacker Heroes positions are rearranged. (Works like Chesire Cat)

  10. Avalon (no idea for skin)
    With status bar. Defense heroes receive an elemental shield that bounces 100% od attack. Color is random and never appears twice for the same hero.

Vote if You like and show me your ideas for support and skins od battlefield

I’d definitely like to see themes in war.

Valhalla themes, Atlantis themes, etc. I’m not sure about these mechanics, but if there could be mechanics with these themes, it would be better.

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