[Solved Version 28.1] - Fenrir Blind

Fenrir’s realm blind overwrites other active blind debuffs when he is below a certain health is this intentional? Or was the blind meant to be stacked on top of existing blinds?

Similar status effects have always overwritten each other.

If there isn’t a new symbol for the ailment, the assumption should be that the ailment is overwritten. You can always ask davecozybot about status ailments.

@DaveCozy bot status ailments please


Unless it specifies that it stacks, the vast majority of buffs and ailments overwrite rather than stack.


and the beauty…when he fires and heals next move ALL blinds are removed from enemies lol oops :man_facepalming:

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How is this considered a realm “bonus”? Let’s look at the definition of the word bonus: “something in addition to what is expected.” This is like if your boss said you were getting a small bonus at work but then you don’t get your more substantial paycheck.

Fenrir’s realm “bonus” isn’t a bonus at all, it’s a liability. Historically, yes, like abilities overwrote each other. However, these realm bonuses cannot be viewed through this old lens because they are breaking new ground in the game.

I feel like we really need staff input on this because who’s going to want to pull new s3 heroes if it means shooting your team in the foot. @Petri can you ask the dev team for clarification?


I’ve passed it along to staff as a possible change / upgrade.

Initially the realm bonuses were much more powerful & at that time it made sense that they overwrite all the existing creations.

Now that the realm bonuses are reduced in effect, there is a case to be made that the realm bonuses should stack & get their own symbol (like runic Rocks do).

As I said, I’ve passed it onto staff so we’ll just wait and see.


There must be a bug still. Because why does one stack with same symbol and other does not. Either the blind should stack, and the atk bonus, or both should not. My point is why would anyone put a Midgar or “Bonus” in their lineup if it makes their other heros buff worthless such as BT/Zimkat atk buff, or Blinds.

Here is example of the Midgar realm stacking.


Is that because one is dispellable, while the other isn’t? Maybe they should make Fenrir’s undispellable as well, to ensure it stacks properly.

Again, I have raised it with the Devs. Nothing more I can do.


Thanks for passing it along. I’m confident they’ll make the sensible decision


Either each Realm Bonus should stack, or none. One Version is obviously a bug.

IMO all should stack with the corresponding effects from special skills, making the bonus a real bonus and not a disadvantage by overwriting a good effect with a worse one and diappearing completely due to some healing.

May the devs come to the same mindset.


I’d definitely prefer that all Realm Bonusses stack. Otherwise, it’s often more a debuff than a buff --> when Boldtusk fires his +48% first and then the S3 hero’s automatic effect reduces the +48% to an almost not noticable +5% which on top of it is not dispellable; same with Justice and the far smaller blind effect by Fenrir etc.

It’s clear that two buffes of the same kind gained from Hero specials (say, Kiril and Boldtusk’s attack buff) overwrite each other. They are both relatively powerful and, at least the attacker (the defender not) can choose whether to fire Kiril if BT is already active or wait another turn. The Realm Bonuses, however, are a lot weaker, undispellable, and activated automatically.


Well I guess it wasn’t pressing enough to make it into this update :confused:

Seems to be solved with current update.
Got new symbols for the realm boni now.

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