[SOLVED] Valor daily challange is not loading (3 Feb)

It is stuck on loading but nithing is coming up


I have the same problem :frowning:

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Hi, there is a known issue with Valor Daily Challenge not loading. We are currently investing and hope to resolve this as soon as possible!


Same here. If it matters, I’m on Android.

It says refreashes in 0s. No quests are appearing :frowning:

The non daily ones are there.

Tried restarting the game.


It appears there is a problem with the Daily Quests. Is anyone being able to see them?


Same thing here!!!

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Daily Challenges not appearing… stuck on loading…

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Is anyone able to see challenges? Mine is just spinning.

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Same here, not sure what is happening,

Have this same :((((

Same here :frowning:

Months to release it and as always something is wrong …

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Rather expected that to happen.

Same here it’s just loading…

Same here, trying on Android and iOs

Yes but think about, for 50-100k connections in the same time any server would crash :confused:

I have the same situation here.

By now the excuse of the server that does not hold has tired…

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