[SOLVED] No points in Raid Tournament

Unfortunately you are not alone experiencing this issue. Please check the master thread with responses from the staff:


@Guvnor, @JonahTheBard possible merge

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My points were updated one hour ago.

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I didn’t get any points from last 5 victories

I did the update yesterday and today in did the raid tournament and lost once defeating one character and won four times and none of the points added to the previous totals.

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I have also updated and still get no points for wins in raid tournament… annoying.

I have problems with the score in the tournament in my three accounts, I figure 25 below, I already restarted the mobile, and it remains the same, before in the three I appeared 75 now 25, I don’t know what to do

@petri @Staff_SGG

Obviously there is a similar issue with raid tournaments while running different accounts on the same device.
@Alondraaime is also complaining about this

Raid Tournament Defense Results Merged if using 1 device for 2 accounts

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It worked. Thanks guys!

My points showed up after rebooting device

I have attacked 5 times in the tournament so far, but i only received points for my First win… not the following 4 wins

Restarting your game should fix this :slight_smile:

Hello so basically I entered the tournament and played as many matches as I could but I didnt received the trophies that I should have collected. I received just a portion of them. What can I do to fix this? It has happened in the past as well. Please let me know asap.

Normally the easiest thing for a computer program is to sum up things. But E&P has some serious problems with that.
I did 12 attacks in the tournament so far. In sum 7103 points. Plus my defence points i should have around 8000 points. The program tells me a score of 3280 points. That’s quite a big difference.
Please give the program some math help.


The second thing is no bug but quite annoying: We have the third fight day and there was one single attack on my team. Lost that. My defense team is quite good - i had bad luck --> one fight is too less to determine the strength of my defense team. That’s really unfair and it happens too often to get too less fights for the defense!

Same problem here…

Same here. Points get added after restarting the game. But its a bug nevertheless.

Attacks on your team get also added after a restart.

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Bingo; close and restart the game and it updates.


I have 10 wins with scores over 600 but my score and rank are stuck at 2400 75%

Same thing here my I just won 4 games in tournament but my total score stays the same! Today win did not count in the total score

I have the same issue… Raid tournament -> Score/Rank not updated


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