[SOLVED] No points in Raid Tournament

Close and reopen the game. It should show up then.

Same for me. I have 13 wins with over 680 points and don’t move from top 25%

This is probably related to the “No points in raid tournament” bug. My score should be 9466, but it’s showing 3098.

Version: 32.0.9 build 793

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I did the update and score still not adding up been at 4371 for 2 days now with several wins

Have you tried completely closing the game and restarting it?

I am having the same problem

I am also having the same issue. Thanks

Yes I am having the same issue with the tournament. I didn’t start scoring and have 2670 points and am at 75% rank. Since then it hasn’t counted any other wins. I spent 75 gems already to continue before I realized the big and hope there will be compensation for it.

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The same thing happened to me. It was scoring fine, and then stopped. I filled out a bug report, since it’s not exactly the same thing as this issue.

We have now rolled out the Version 32.1 update that should resolve this issue. I’ll mark this as solved now! :slight_smile:

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I’m having a similar problem today at around 1140 am pst. I played 2 tournament flags and was winning then the game crashed and when I logged back in, no points, lost flag, didnt even add the heroes I’d already killed to my raid wanted mission. It happened twice in a row. Extremely frustrating.

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