[SOLVED] MASTER THREAD - Fables Challenge Event Scoring and Rewards Issue (12 Oct)

After updating to the most recent version all the event master score/rankings are blank.
I have tried closing and reopening, restarting my phone, etc.
I was comfortably itting in the Troop token tier in Rare & Epic, and 20,000ishcon Legendary
Please advise.


I had the same issue… I replayed a level and all my scores came back… give it a shot

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Exact same bug for me…

updated … and the event scores have disappeared … and they are no longer in the rankings


+1 I’ve shut an relaunched the app.

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I’m in the same position… my master score and rankings are blank. I’ve restarted the app 3 times and after that didn’t work I restarted my whole phone.
I’m in a high ranking position in all 3 difficulties… If I dont get my rewards, in 11 hours when the event ends, I’m going to freak out

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This is not helpful!!! :sob:


@DBC - That’s weird. I am able to see my scores.
Did you try restarting the app, restarting the phone etc. (the typical troubleshooting stuff)?

Yes I tried all that.

No it didn’t help.

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This issue is persisting (ever since the Morlovia loading screan appeared)


Playing a level makes the scores/rank reappear.


Yep… all good :slight_smile:

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My score and ranking are still missing.

Ohhhh, after playing a stage, it reappear.

Same here, it’s a shame. With every update there are more Problems. The Event ended and i got no loot

I had the same issue! Event ended and no scores no loot etc!

Thank you all for your posts - We are currently working on this and I will update this thread shortly.


Now i have problem, I didn’t receive prizes from event

I have lost all scores from event and didn’t get rewards either. And I was top500 in epic and top1000 in legendary and top3000 in rare. Restarted app and everything! Sending support ticket later, but did this happen to others too!?

I was awarded only a summon token for completing the legendary event on Fables of Grimforest


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