[SOLVED] Continuing Event Battle with Gems (12/July) - Please Update Your Game!


update running I passed the event. But where are my crystals? when will you get them back, or will you cheat?


Please read above. :slight_smile:


I lost a lot of gems due to this bug!


Please read post directly above yours. :slight_smile:


Ok You give back our gems but what about other artefacts (for example dragon attack) what i lost when i couldn’t continue a battle because of gems bug?


Is this really all we have to look forward to? A measly energy flask and then the 75 gems? That’s disappointing to say the least. I spent 3 dragon banners as well as 5 bomb attacks. I only have 1 dragon banner left and 1 bomb attack, and I don’t think I have what it takes to beat the final stage of legendary tonight, I honestly don’t know if I even want to try. I am so frustrated and let down by the developers of this game that I think I am going to stop playing all together.


I have updated the game to fix the issue, but now I am very eager to get my 75 gems back!


I agree. It’s not just gems but all the crafted items, too, that we used for the battle.


How do I get my gems back I lost 250 gem so I stopped playing the event I’m struggling to figure out the forum so hope this is seen by someone


I lost 250 gems in the event I did the update and I’m struggling to figure out how to get my gems back also I’ve bought 5 hero 10 packs haven’t had much luck is this also an issue within the issue or bad luck was gonna got it a couple more tries but I can wait for another time if there are still issues


well I only had a hundred and fifty gems actually 175 and I used 150 of them trying to continue because I had such a good overall score where I would have reaped a bunch of reward now I can’t finish the quest because on the last level 10 it’s pretty much a 50/50 or it’s a given that you have to Teva 75 gems to finish so now I can’t finish and you’re saying you’ll give him back to me afterwards so in other words it’s as good as just being straight up and robbed thanks for that gentleman you’ve been screwing me over for six months now stop spending all the money you’re making what made this game great to begin with instead of having us play the same boards for the past year you guys had nothing set up for when we finish these boards I’ve been playing since last October and only has 2 five stars and I’ve spent hundreds on this game nothing like feeling like you’ve been caught in a bad episode of American Greed I enjoy the people I play with so I’m going to continue playing this game minimally like I have been and continue playing heavy on the new game I’ve gotten started on about 5 months ago where a lot of people from this game actually the bad thing is it’s all your fault it’s greed we all like this game and really liked it but you got selfish so we hold on without spending money seeing if you’ll get any better and you keep throwing up these special events one after the other now because nobody spending money like they used to but we’re doing this on purpose to see if we could get back anything that you keep promising then we will go back to spending like we were and playing like we were and enjoying ourselves but all you’re showing us is your true colors do the right thing me having to 5 Star Heroes after years ridiculous especially after spending hundreds and hundreds


My English is not good as well. But no using dots en Line breaks is really awful to read.


Punctuation is your friend. No one has any idea what you’re trying to say without it


Seems like a bunch of whining. Don’t like the game then move on. The game is cheap, but it’s to be expected then you know you might be ripped off in some ways. Most accept it as they enjoy the game.


There was a game glitch; SG immediately warned all players (I had the in-game email before I woke up), and gave a red flask. The email said:

  • Do not use the gem continue
  • SG was looking into automatically reimbursing all players affected after the event concluded.

Did you not get this email?

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Updated and glitching badly! Also getting 0 points after taking another person out in war. Very disappointed!


Update is nice but what with our diamonds?


I lost my win in the final challenge. I defeated the level 10 Legendary challenge and the game made me choose between spending 250 gems or give up! I did not get reimbursed for the 75 gems I lost in the original bug issue! Please advise how this will be reconciled!!!


I updated my game when the notice came out for the update. This issue happened today after the update was installed.


I had completed all 3 catagories. Level 10 Legendary was my last fight. I had defeated it when the notice popped up to give up or spend another 250 gems to continue fighting. This happened after the update was installed.