[SOLVED] Continuing Event Battle with Gems (12/July) - Please Update Your Game!

Continuing the discussion here. Unfortunately, it seems the main topic is broken at the moment. We’ll look into this.

Regarding the issue, we have now released an update for both iOS and Android that should fix this (version 1.13.5). Please update your game.

We are also looking into automatically compensating any gems lost due to this issue after the event is over.



I lost gems due to this bug!!!

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I usually get the game updates automatically . How do I force an update for android?
I also lost 175 gems due to duplicate charges.


updates were installed automatically. I lost 150 crystals. I’ll wait for you to return. and the belief in Donat is lost

I also lost gems for continue playing in stage 10 of epic event quest.

When in challenge mode you’re giving me at least 50 percent purple all the time . My strong point is blue what’s up with that.I’ve tried to get a strong purple player to no avail. Frustrating. Grrr.

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It’s a known bug, being worked on. Check your in game inbox

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I have lost 75 diamonds same way. When i will get Them back?

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I spent my 75 gems, my heroes was revived but the game was hanged. After reloading of the game i have seen minus 75 gems and level was not finished. Fix it pls, and i want my gems back.

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I also lose my gems…

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I did the update as instructed and when you attempt to continue in the challenge event, it still has the glitch so that the continue is not allowed and then freezes the game when you attempt to exit. I just lost my second set of 75 gems because of this “bug”. Please get this fixed. I am on the last level of the advanced tier and can not complete without a continue allowed!


Same thing happened to me. Took my gems but didnt get to play on.

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I used my continue on the final stage of legendary (after update) and the game just hung after taking my 75 gems and reviving all of my heroes…but I could not play on.

Not to mention I used some very valuable items during this particular encounter, including 3 dragon banners that I would not have used had I expected to lose this encounter.

Good morning. I’m at the last level in the event of Phanters . Im withouth my 5 heroes because they died… He has the option of giving up or spending 75 gems to continue! I spend 75 gems to re-revive everyone and even then I could not play ? I was forced to pay another 75 gems withouth playing or give up anyway ? Who will give me back the 75 gems?

Known Issue.
Is discussed here and in another thread there is a Video to proof it.


Ok, glad to see it is not just me, I am having the same issue with the fail/continue option. I spent the 75 gems then I had to spend another 75 gems to actually continue, then lost another 100 when I tried to do another continue and am out 250 gems total, and yes I am including the 75 where I was able to do a continue because I couldn’t do the second continue.

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if we were to use a bug, we had already received a message saying that the next time there was suspension, but as it is to be harmed, no one will make a refund of what we lose?

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What are you trying to say?

Petri from Small Giant already confirmed this bug & said they’re working on solving it.


Ok ok … I wait , but I want my gems back!

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