£SmallGiant$ taking in new members

Hi guys ^^ , 3500 + team power . Cups doesn’t matters at this stage . We have an relax play . You just have to hit titans min 4 times at day , that means you will spend about 10 min at day . We don’t wana hit top 100 . Is to bussy and to much stress, we like to live our lifes . We have 13 spots open , so you can merge with us if your alliance is dead . I grown 4 x alliances all doing well . This is my last one where i will stay and play . My line is : meagain .
Join us it will be fun . £SmallGiant$

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It’s an interesting name for sure. I wonder if they have something about impersonating in the TOS. Someone read that and tell me. :slight_smile:

They will have on next Tos update :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hey there!!! You booted me from alliance for no play but I was in the hurricane Michael war zone until last night where that has been no electricity or phone or internet. We evacuated and I am back to normal. Can you tell me the new alliance name and let me back in please?? I was very active until that ■■■■ hurricane