Small Giant is killing the game

Just a note to developers: You are killing your goose. Rewards are getting scarcer and poorer, ascent items are virtually impossible to obtain. When players have to wait more than SIX MONTHS and still have not ascended their one, or two, legendary heroes, they become frustrated, bored and quit playing. This is not just my opinion, several members of my alliance have already quit, more will do so in the near future and friends in other alliances are talking of doing so too. Maybe we are not all great spenders, but, adding up, we provide a steady trickle of money that, multiplied by hundreds is, and will be, an important loss. The game is not so much fun anymore, but mainly frustration. Players need to get something in return for their time, effort, and money. Small Giant has become so grasping that they provide no stimulation anymore. Everyone I know is angry and frustration is generalized. If the developers continue to be so short sighted, they will soon completely destroy what was, initially, a fun and stimulating game. It costs them nothing to occasionally provide something worthwhile, to kindle players enjoyment and flagging interest… You guys are forcing us out, it is sad.


I do agree, this game has definitely the nicest community and player base, but this will change if not handled well

It’s pretty ridiculous how much time it takes to finish the game and what is needed to not only get the heroes, but to ascend them.


Agreed! We lost our alliance leader today for this reason and have to admit I’m getting frustrated I think the pace of ascension materials needs to pick up. With better rewards in chests and Titan rewards as well. At least to keep the average player progressing. I’ve played since September and have received one Elemental chest, seriously only 1, it was a dark one in December. I actually joined the forum just to ask what a Elemental chest was, and yet I saw a thread where others are getting every two weeks, or another 12 hrs apart. I have no problem spending, as a side note a suggestion for people who will spend a bit… if you have a hero who needs 1 or 2 items left to ascend, have a purchase button by the ascend button. " X amount of gems to ascend" and I would yell take my money! :wink: Instead of waiting possibly 2 months + for that 1 or 2 final ascension items. Anyway just my two cents for whatever it’s worth.

However, I agree on this forum, lots of great veteran players that are very helpful to others and super supportive. Their advice has helped me immensely . Honestly one of the best communites in many games I have played.


Totally Agree!

The only thing that keeps me in game is the alliance, the people. I’m in one of best polish alliances, we are beating 10* titans, most of us have 30+ lvl and we are standing still, we can’t develop. The loot is only crap, everyone is missing something for 5* hero for weeks and months. If someone gets bored and leaves it’s very hard to find a new player - most of players 30+ lvl from our country knows each others and new players come and leave quickly. Our leader switch on 1st place with Zero - if he gets bored the alliance will break and you’ll lose another 30 players. We are looking for a new player for a week - and there’s noone, in the chat room there are plenty alliances but no players who’d like to join.


100% right!

Few months ago I payed quite an amount of money in the game - I’ve spend more time playing E&P than any console game that I owned so I decided not to spend another 50euro on the AAA game and rather give it to Small Giant. And guess what? For all the money I spend I get nothing! 3* heros, some other crap. I didn’t finish the map because I got bored of playing the same thing for a thousand time. Pvp gives nothing but frustration. The only thing that gives a little satisfaction is killing the 10* titan - but still - loot is miserable.
I made new friends here, people are great but one by one they’re leaving.


I agree with all the statements above the booty are funny, the flattening reaches the zenith, do something with the spoils because it kills the pleasure of the game, my opinion shares the majority of members of my alliance.


I disagree with all the complaining above, but I am absolutely delighted that players take the time to come to the forum to vent their feelings. Good on you all!

I’m sure that if SG’s business model turns out not to be working, then they will carefully review your suggestions to see if a change is warranted.


You disagree with what exactly? That we have problem with finding someone to our alliance? That some player left of boredom? That loot is worthless?


Yes, that’s exactly what I disagree with.


I understand that you have a spy in our alliance right? If not, stop lying :slight_smile:

But I agree with you in one thing actually! It’s good that players talk about their feelings. Would be even better if developers care.



If you insist, I’ll answer you seriously.

  1. If you have a problem recruiting players to your alliance, then get better at recruiting players to your alliance. That’s a skill. If you’re bad at it, it’s not the fault of the game.

  2. Of course some players have left of boredom. That’s normal. Games get boring after a while and people have short attention spans. SG is doing huge amounts to introduce new content (events, alliance wars, season 2…).

  3. Loot is extremely valuable, because with each loot chest you have a chance of lucking into some ascension materials. Actually getting the ascension materials is rare, because if they were common then the game would be finished in a month or two.

I don’t need a spy in you alliance to disagree with your complaints, and I certainly don’t need to lie.


According point 2 - I read about all those things mooooths ago. I got bored.

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And as for the recruitment - polish gamers lvl 30+ as said before is a bunch of ppl knowing each other, mixing in like five alliances, a don’t need lvl 5 player in the top alliance, I need a pro and there is less and less.


The game is not to blame for your own intransigence in recruiting. Perhaps you need to be more flexible?

And if you’re bored by the events, by the prospect of alliance wars and season 2, then perhaps you have just reached the end of your attention span. There’s quite a lot of content to get excited about there, so if none of it really does it for you then maybe it’s time to move on.


Seems to me that there are a lot of fairly intelligent people who contribute to the forum, and I don’t know why you would think otherwise. On the subject of whether SG is doing a good or a bad job I’m sure some will agree with me and some disagree, though given that this particular thread is explicitly negative, it’s likely mostly to attract those who feel negatively about the game, don’t you think? Sort of a self-selecting sample.

Still, opinions are good things: I’m in favour of them being expressed. Good luck to you too.

Edit: and no, I’m not “getting money from SG”. Not sure why you would think I was.


I agree. I’ve been waiting on Trap Tools and Hidden Blades for a month. Need 3 of each, haven’t gotten 1of either. I’m supposed to wait 3 to 4 months of play time to finish collecting them? That’s insane. Not even in any MMORPG I ever played did I have to wait that long to progress my characters.


Well, I must agree that recruiting is currently a pain in the neck. In Germany, too.

There are lots of alliances looking for members.
And very few people looking for an alliance. And yes, we have already used all our contacts…

So, if a member leaves the game (which has happened to us repeatedly during / after the last event), that leaves an open slot in the alliance. Which is very hard to fill.

No use having the best fishing gear if there are no fish.

And of course, the alliance wants new members who will fit. For us - and for them.

What exactly would a level 10 or so do with an 8* titan? Except have all their heroes die immediately and leave in frustration. No help for them … and no help for us …

Recruiting is a pain in the neck and the most hated task for the leadership team.

It is like fishing in a bathtub.

And yes, I myself have brought 4 of my contacts into the alliance. Unfortunately , 1 has left the game.

Maybe it is easier to recruit players from the US or other English speaking countries. But in Germany, it is hell.


For now I played only 4th month, I do not have any 5* heroes and my 4* heroes not the best.

But every battle loot, every titan loot, every chest loot, every mystic vision is like playing in casino.
I’m in Las Vegas and I hope to get good loot.
And when I didn’t get I do not care because I didn’t spend my money on this. It is just fun.
I spend some time to rest from work with this game. I do not want to be 1st in any rank table.
I just want fun from short sessions in game and I get this fully.

This is why I’d like this game. It gives me what I want from it.

I agree. I’ve been waiting on Trap Tools and Hidden Blades for a month.
Need 3 of each, haven’t gotten 1of either.
I’m supposed to wait 3 to 4 months of play time to finish collecting them?
I collected all things required to ascent 4* heroes to last tire (except rings) in 3-4 months
But I do not spend them because I do not have any 4* hero which worth it.
I will wait for 5* when will have TC20
So you are right, 3-4 months of playing will give you most of ascent materials


I feel your pain so let me answer you in a way that I hope helps.

Late game players will tend to quit because they have achieved most of the things they hoped to achieve, or because they are just sick of the game. If you hope to replace them with similar late game players then you are probably kidding yourself. All the late game players have already got alliances, right? So how are you going to get them? You could poach from other alliances, but that doesn’t seem very nice.

One solution is to dissolve your alliance. There are plenty of German-speaking alliances looking for replacement players, you said, so you’d be in demand. But perhaps you don’t want to do that.

So I’m afraid you’re probably going to have to accept more junior players into your alliance. Guess what? That’s great for those players. They get to talk to you, learn how to play the game, and benefit from killing higher level Titans than they would in a weaker alliance. And if that means that you can’t kill 8* Titans for a while, and maybe have to go back to 6*, well that’s hardly the end of the world, is it? Imagine how satisfying it will be to watch those junior players grow and get stronger, making your team stronger with them.

I love recruiting, by the way. Lots of people don’t. If you’re one of those people, maybe you can find those in your alliance who do like the job, and get them on it? Or recruit to find someone who is good at recruiting, this time, regardless of their game progress.

Anyway, if it’s any consolation, I don’t think English language recruiting is necessarily easier than other languages. Regardless of language, E&P is full of lots of alliances looking for late game players.


Hi Brob
Don’t know if you are actually in an alliance yourself or have friends in one, but doubt it as your vision is far from realistic. First of all, my previous post was not a complaint, it is the sad truth. People are frustrated and bored by the quality of rewards and scarcity of ascension materials. That is a fact. And one doesn’t play to be bored and frustrated but for enjoyment. Last year, rewards were slightly better and there was, therefore, more excitement and fun. I agree that the number of special events has increased, and good for SG on that front, they have not stagnated. But, on a daily basis, the rewards have dropped to the point that a coloured chest is no longer exciting, the 9* and 10* titans we fight no longer thrill with the possibility of a worthwhile reward and there is no valid reason to spend on gems for 10 invocations because you are practically guaranteed that the result will not be worth the investment. I am not complaining but merely stating my opinion that SG is being shortsighted and are generally considered to be over stingy and grasping and that their game is loosing popularity fast amongst those who have been faithful to them for 8 months to 1 year and can appreciate the difference. I can’t give an opinion re recruiting because we are lucky in that, I belong to one if the top Spanish alliances and, when a player leaves after losing interest in the game, another enters pretty quickly, without having to recruit (thank god!). But that is it… They go because they get tired of the frustration and lack of occasional reasonably good rewards and move on to another more rewarding game. I am sure SG has a good control of their results and income, so maybe it is in their interest to say “Off with the old and On with the new”… I am just pounting out that the Off with the Old part is happening and that it might be a better idea to hang on to the Old, even if only as an incentive to new players. Sorry if we bore you (with reference to your sigh and seemingly superior attitude!). Please don’t feel the need to answer…


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