🧭 Sixth Path of Valor (Valour; PoV6) Log and Discussion – Starts Nov 23

KPIs = Key Performance Indicators. (If anyone’s wondering :smiley:)

The Titan challenge is just “Kill X Titans” not “Kill X Titans of Y Stars or Above” :smiley:

This time around all the Valor Challenges should be doable for regular players. :tada:

However, I expect to see tougher/harder to complete Daily Challenges :cry: (“Win 3 consecutive raids” “Craft a Time Stop” etc.

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My suspicion was correct. It’s been confirmed in another thread.


OP now updated to reflect the Valor Challenges and the Rewards :slight_smile:


Why are all the emblems Paladin? Is this the Path of Paladin Valor?

How about spreading the love among the other classes?

Also, I can confirm the bug with the identical avatars for the POV50 reward (on iOS) - both before and after buying POV pass.

Hi. The awards from path for not paying is HUGE JOKE.
Rings only. The rest, all, can be received from MV or daily boxes.
I don’t know if this isn’t the worst of all.
And only palladin symbols.
This quantity can be in MV. JOKE

Emblems should not be for specific class, but it should be optional for everyone to choose what ever class you want. That way we want be filled with emblems we dont need instead we will choose what we need the most.


Each path features a single class of emblems going in alphabetical order.


Why like this ( look daily path of valor mission and number finished in below )

Because tier one is 1, tier 2 is 3, so on day one you can only get to 2/3 of tier 2


Yeah thanks , I didn’t look that :see_no_evil:

Each Path of Valour has always contained the emblems of one class, going by alphabetical order.

1st was Barbarian
2nd Cleric
3rd Druid
4th Fighter
5th Monk
6th Paladin

We can probably expect
7th to be Ranger
8th Rogue
9th Sorcerer
and 10th Wizard

Then 11th possibly starting with Barbarian again.


#POV - Current. Level 18 and Level 28 rewards are the same. Logically should be a Bug

Likewise for level 17 & level 29, one raid flask each

Why’s that?

If you look back thru the last 5 PoVs it’s been this way the whole way…

I mean no reason every level has to be different is there?


Can’t recollect the previous POV rewards level wise. But logically, it should be in some ascending order of rewards?
Meaning, if level 17 has one raid flask then level 29 should have 3 raid flask or something like that.

In the OP are links to all previous PoV threads which detail all the rewards.

It’s the same structure.

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Requesting Tome and Damascus be added to POV. I know several people, myself included that will not be purchasing it because of this.


Went back to the threads… It’s been like that, atleast for the last 3 POVs, so my mistake

Oooh, I’d noticed that each time they were different, but not the alphabetical order :woozy_face:

Looking forward to PoV #7 already, could do with a few extra Ranger emblems :smiley:

However, if it follows the pattern of easier/harder paths then next time should be harder than this one.

Got it, Thanks Guvnor. Guess I jumped the gun in this. :pensive:

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