Shop After Dark: Are you ready to Rock and Roll!?!

Vroooom vroooooom bumpity bump

Crawling in my skiiiiin
These wounds, they will not heallllll…

1 something wrong with me
2 something wrong with me
3 something wrong with me
4 something’s gotta give

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The star is awesome… the star is great…oh wait not my Shop…lol…Dark is awesome… Dark is great…Come join Dark now!!!

You’re So Vain you probably think this song is about you You’re So Vain you probably think this song is about you don’t you :notes:

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Oooh nice ads Silly :purple_heart:

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THANKS !!! Your poster/ads are awesome as well…would like to see more

:skunk: WAS HERE…
" I love Rock n’ Roll…put a dime in the jukebox baby and come dance with me"

Ahhh the good old days when u could color outside the line and u were considered creative…

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I still color outside the lines because I see no lines …tf there are lines it just a suggestion to stop

But the lines never stop us lol

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What!!! You haven’t joined the Shop After Dark…what are you waiting for
LOOKING for 5 Brave souls

I don’t think we’re looking for brave ones when I think of what we need I’m going to stick with the adjectives of crazy insane and funktastic

Brave needs to be applied when you are talking about the craziness of the Shop Family…as we are insanely fantastic group…lol

Its the weekend already but it never stops in Shop After Dark…music…Great people from all over…join and see

LOVE LOVE LOVE this poster…excellent job Purple…keep them coming

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