Shop After Dark: Are you ready to Rock and Roll!?!

Shop After Dark is ready to Rock!

We are currently recruiting active daily players with 3500 TP (negotiable) and are ready to learn to burn Titans and in War.

Shop After Dark is the best gig in town!

Line app required
Adults Only
Thick skin and a sarcastic sense of humor MANDATORY!

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Rock & roll all nite and party every day :notes:

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We built this city…we built this city with Rock n’ Roll and the sarcastic Shop Family

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It’s a long way to the top, if you want to Rock and Roll, but we know a short cut!

Awesome flaming guitar…bumpity bump

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Should I bring my booze? :joy:

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All shops have a full bar :laughing:

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Bring your fishnet stockings though…lol

No sleep till brooklyn :notes:

I’m pretty sure I could make it to Brooklyn without any sleep right now.

Ohhh i like that. Very sexy

sweet poster my friend…

I fell into a burning Ring of fire I went down down down and the Flames grew higher and It Burns Burns Burns the Ring of Fire the Ring of Fire :notes:

I want action tonight satisfaction alright… :notes:

Music, alcohol, bacon, all part of the Dark qualities…so much more but got to join to find out what they are…is a mystery invasion mystery with a jello pit

A perfect mix of Rock n’ Roll attitude and Ride or Die family. I’m a proud member for the last two years.

Shop After Dark has kept me interested in playing. Join us and see what it’s all about.

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