Seasons of Love (Goodbye TGW) 💕

I’m so sorry for your loss ArktikaTF . It’s definitely hard at times trying to continue living , but what you said life must continue in the name of those who left. I’ve lost both parents , my youngest sister , and now my soul mate, TGW/David . Hope you are doing OK.


My man is gone. @TGW you and me had so many conversation outside of these forums that I just don’t even know where to begin. You rest easy my friend, and thank you for every word of advice we shared as my childhood was even worse than yours and we really had some epic conversations and more good laughs.


Yep, that song was his ring tone, I have a message from him, he started singing "Carl Pappa "


@ArktikaTF I am very sorry for your loss, and I admire your strength and outlook. My dear friend, sending virtual hugs your way

@Noble_Weasel @JGE @Sarah2 thanks as well , you give great advice (here and on other threads). Thank you, for being here for me, it means a lot

To avoid derailing this thread and not to repeat what I said elsewhere, cross-posting. I need to rethink how I approach these forums as bad vibes won’t go away, so perhaps I need to change how I deal with them

Best wishes all, have a good weekend ahead!


I can not begin to imagine the sorrow you’ve had to endure. My deepest condolences for your losses. :sweat:

Just one pearl of many @TGW shared on the forum. Please continue to post here so we can check up on you - it’s what @TGW would expect of us :wink:. Virtual :hugs:s.


may his beautiful soul rest in peace…


Ice Cream!!!

This made me crack up — the thread is pure random ADD nonsense, but full of personality … worthy of a reread in context



I thought you might like this.

I think of you every day brother.


You’ll always live on in my memories.

Yarr !!!


Today I summoned my first Graymane since reading the sad news.

I thought of TGW when I pulled Graymane. :two_hearts:

Also, I only noticed now, that I’ve been misspelling Graymane. :rofl:



So now there’s gonna be a Wolf family? All these little reminders of our departed friend.


I thought of The Grey Wolf too when I wrote this to Beta Beat.


Part of me wishes this was not a coincidence but actually a tribute to him


I’m going through chat logs to get @eagle1 references but this chat caught my eye just now: In this case it was at Uni and lasted over 6 years “Please Blush after ABuse”. (Please flush after use) It was magical and I only remembered the other day… :laughing:


I think we should take it as a Tribute to TGW and celebrate it as such.


I don’t know if I’m going too far and I don’t know the arts yet. But maybe they should rename Ludwig? Even the specials fit…


That would be way cool. @Petri or @KiraSG, is this anywhere near the realm of possibility?


And a Graymane on a silver token for me today. This is kinda getting spooky. Almost like TGW is messing with us. Which would be totally in-character.


Damn… @TGW Your next summon was supposed to be a shiny new 5 star hero you were clamoring on about…

My sincerest condolences to TGW’s nearest and dearest. I’ve found over the years grief & mourning is knowing that until you’re reunited in eternity that you have to go on without the person who you’ve lost. Knowing or acknowledging this doesn’t make each day easier, you can be 10 years removed from a loss and yet be devastatingly brought down to your knees in sadness for not having your friend/son/significant other near you. The impact TGW has made is reflective in the compassion and care expressed by the friends who may never have had met him in person but genuinely felt kindred spirits by his ever-loving heart. Praying a peace envelopes all the bereaved as time does dull the immediate piercing wounds of loss but never erases the joy & happiness, this man brought even in this brief time through the forum and in game for so many. Finally, for those feeling sad, despondent, overcome with grief, I want to reassure you that it is okay to grieve and there is no perfect time table to snap out of grief. Be sad, reminisce joyfully, honor respectfully, but in the end live life…because we all know that is most beautiful way to celebrate @TGW


Thank you voidstrike for sharing this , i believe I’ll see him again, it is hard going on each day without him , my soul mate. I need to remember to keep going on , living , for him. Sometimes I don’t want to. But I know I need to , for him. He convinced me to play E&P , I saw how excited and how much fun he was having. He was always better than me :slight_smile: I wish he could stay the leader of his alliance. He will be our eternal leader. Sorry for rambling on. Thank you again.


@TGW was a cool cat! Sharing his drive and passion to self teach coding for video/online games as well the accompanying soundtracks is a valiant effort. It speaks volumes to his character and determination.

Thanks for this share @sleepyhead. It is made public and in permanence (so long as E&P moves forward with player retainment).

The keyword that is comforting regarding your tragic notice is “PEACEFULLY”. Most importantly whom was at his side at his passing: Pops & his significant other!

Now all gifts will be given him in regards to creating the most fkn spectacular virtual mystical musical game in the extended universe!

LOVE is stronger then DEATH!

Warm Regards Family and Friends of @TGW



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