Season 3 Valhalla Reborn

Hi all E&P Players,

I know this is really early and we have many realms still to open up in S3.

After S2 was fully rolled out, a couple of months later Atlantis Rising was born.

Will there be something similar for S3 when S3 has been fully rolled out?
I am only asking to save W/E on the S3 missions. Also it will give me something to do other than auto farm S1 23.9 or 23.11.

It seems plausible, but we really have no way of knowing.

And Season 3 is on pace to roll out over the next 9 months most likely, so it would be quite a while until then, if they do it like Atlantis Rises.


Thanks @zephyr1, guess I’ll keep completing as it comes out then wait and see.


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