Santa Claws - December Hero of the Month (2018)



I’m sure there could be some humorous ideas for heroes of the month which could add humor to the game and follow specific themes.

And surely SG will run out of hero ideas, at some point. Why not let the community help and get some ideas from us?

Santa Claws is a fairly cliche and obvious one, but I bet we could come up with some good ideas


You could use the Carver base graphics for an evil looking Elf.


Lol, love it @Dante2377


already suggest to the DEVs on beta. they said something of they took a note down of it. so idk


they won’t make him a HOTM. it will throw off the other heroes in line. my best guess if n that is if they make a santa hero it will be for an event if that is the case. no guarantee.


@Resol is that a Steve Jobs Doge?


looks like it but idk. i don’t really like STeve all that much. he is nice and all. pushing smartphones to the next level. i just like the Doge.


@Dante2377 I vote to name the Evil Elf, Keebler.


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@Avicious that was punny