Perseus’ HOTM pros and cons


What do you all think of Perseus for the December hero?
355% damage single target and 100% reduced heal for 4 turns that can’t be dispelled. And
94% resistance against nature 4 turns…

Seems like he would be good for raids and defence
Any thoughts??

Santa Claws - December Hero of the Month (2018)
Perseus special

I am not seeing a big use case for the new hero, Perseus.

Against Titans, why are you bringing a blue hero against a green Titan? And while his shield effect would help, the no-cure effect is meaningless against the Titan.

In raid defense, he would be annoying but not overwhelming. Kasshrek is similar but heals, making him hard to take down. With an attacker, we’ll see how potent the buff is.

I do see him as helpful against center Ares, a popular layout. It’s hard to take a fully leveled Ares out before his special fires, so Perseus’ special helps. Remember though that his special doesn’t prevent all healing, only healing from Perseus’ stroke. Think of it as a 4-round HP reduction.

Another niche role for Perseus might be in certain levels of challenge events, where we have a mix of bosses. He would be great, for example, against a dual red/green boss level.


An alliance fellow of mine runs Khagan center flanked by two Rigards on defense. My first thought on Perseus “The Devs must have fought something similar last month.” Or the dual Alberich my wife fought. Or the 4 Healers and 1 Spirit Link I fought.

It’s great from a Devs point of view since it is a trade off special skill for the opponent attacking the defense team “Heal my team and wound hurts 1 hero, or don’t heal my team and risk one being dead”. Since it is a HotM, I don’t expect to need it for the map.

Like undead minions (they are soooooooo darn cute :heart_eyes: ) I don’t see the munchkin style players liking the special skill.


Most of the people I know in game that are rolling are looking at possible future use cases: the announced “super” titans that might heal (sigh), or alliance wars which nobody knows yet.

It’s a very good Ares counter, and has some other use cases as mentioned with the multi healer teams (though pretty sure I could whack x / rigard / khagan / rigard / x without too much issue without an awful board) but my big problem is I don’t really see that much benefit as an Ares counter at level 70, and telescopes are painfully rare for me so I can’t justify taking Perseus to 80 except sometime far in the distant future (I’m unlikely to be playing that long) unless they dramatically change the ascension item drop rates… which so far, they haven’t in six months so I’m guessing they won’t.

As a disclaimer I have both Athena and Magni and Sonya (and Grimm); realistically I think Grimm / Sonya is a better Ares counter and given enough time in game even F2P players will become 4* complete, and the niche use cases I don’t think are likely enough to warrant the investment so ultimately I have a hard time seeing a use case for Perseus.

A part of me wants to try for him just in case, but having to deal with statistical reality, and stated design developer design goals (not make any one hero absolutely got to have) I think if the no healing becomes meaningful (or the can’t be dispelled buff, guess it’s a Rigard counter too) then there will be other options for it.

I just don’t have that much trouble with healing tanks, and healers elsewhere not named Alby aren’t really much threat… and Natalya is designed as an Alby counter so that’s where my rolls will go personally.


Why is Natalya gonna counter Alberich? (not arguing, just curious. She had a DOT and a small mana block, right?)

As for Perseus - I still don’t like him, don’t want him, wouldn’t ascend him so won’t roll for him. Nature defense is useless and situational, I’ll pass :slight_smile: He might be moderately useful now that he’s a Fast hero at least if someone fancies the heal debuff. I prefer to counter healing on 1 dude by raw damage on 1 dude. Dead heroes get no heals. #cough#unlessalbiisup#cough#

I would have much rather gotten Albi, but he didn’t want to come to me :frowning:


Red, extra damage against nature, and if you stop alby from gaining mana (including his buff) you can interrupt the nasty rez effect which if it casts 2-3 times you’re probably wiping.

TBH I view her as a counter to literally every tank in the game (I chase tile damage on raids to kill tanks typically): mana control heroes are excellent with the current mechanics, and she’s no exception. Basically, assuming I pull her, she will be the next red I take to 80, not Marjana which was the original plan.


Who is Natalya? First I’ve heard of her.


January HOTM; they started pushing them out a month early on beta (Perseus was likewise released same time as Alby) and there are a lot of beta players now so she’s already being discussed.


As I understand Perseus’s special, it doesn’t block healing; it blocks healing that wound. Think of it as a 4-round reduction in HP. Makes it easier to kill the target, but healing will still be able to keep the wounded hero alive.



Just tried on beta for giggles: cast Perseus on Athena, hit with a few tiles that turn, then BT fires his heal, Athena got no health.

It blocks healing, which is what 100% reduces healing implies.

Guess as I will have copious free time next week maybe I’ll try him out a bit more in raids but he seems pretty contrived for attacking non-silly defenses.


Turn him from average to fast was the right choice.
It was way too plain before. Adding the nature defence uh… Ok. Not so useful, but better then nothing.

Now he is a HotM.
Not one that i want, but something that others may enjoy.


Good research, thanks. I was wrong, thankfully. Now with fast mana he’s much more interesting.


I didn’t draw Athena, hope I get Perseus. Quick, everyone cross your fingers! Lol.


I think he’s pretty good, but we’ll see how facing him goes. What’s more, I like that my assesment of a hotm is “pretty good” and not dissapointment or “holy ****!” That’s what small additions to the game should be at this point: an interesting variation of mechanics of difficult to quantify utility


I was lucky to draw Perseus on the first day.
My luck is always HoTM I never got a usual not AOE 5* on any pulls :rofl:
No complaints they make a great team, and the only one I missed was Athena.
But I do have Isarnia and now Perseus and have to consider who to level first and max, when no Athena or Magni.
I think Perseus is very good for raids and some bosses and better than Isarnia for titans, but still meh… For defense team I would consider Isarnia and for fire titans maybe stick to Grimm maxed or use both.
Perseus defense at nature may become more useful in the future, but for now I think he is ok but not amazing. And I would prefere Magni (when no chance of Athena) but spend a lot of elemental summons to get him with no luck.
I go for Perseus and hope for the best :wink:


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i found it diificult to tell if he is good or not so in my experience it is more a question how he is fitting in your team.


Re-evaluated my opinion a little bit after this mornings 4 raids: 3 had Ares tanks.

Whether Perseus makes sense in each of our lineups or not, he’s a smart decision decision by the developers.


I actually got Perseus on a 10 hero role first try
I find he works very well on raids offensive. I’m not sure if he is good enough defensively to replace my kiril healer? Do people run no dedicated healer? I do have alby but I thought on defence him and kiril would be better even though he is only a 4 star


How much money have you spent?