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Completed Normal yesterday, on Stage 14 for Advanced.
My team:


@DaveCozy I think antidote is not worth, because boss skill is undispleable. Your team name, I have noticed, which we can use icon chat? that’s cool !


The healing debuff is not dispellable. The DoT is.


that’s for cleansing the dot


@Noble_Weasel @jOhO okay thank you, you right there is DoT, I forgot.


Yep, you can use an emoji/emojis as a team name: In-Game Emoji code list

As long as the emoji code text doesn’t go over the character limit for the team name, you can use as many as that allows :smiley:


Completed Advanced (just) and it was ugly…!

Entering the boss stage, all my heros were max health and specials ready to fire - with three healers I could alternate their specials. Dragons were helpful (until I ran out - I had 3). I also took arrows (although axes if I had any would have been more useful :thinking:). Then a direct hit to Kiril and wouldn’t you know it, I had an influx of blue.

It was slow going, and next to fall was Hel, she is still a bit squishy at 3:59. Then BT fell and Onatel succumbed shortly after, leaving Rigard holding the line - at this stage I was thinking why did I bring minor health pots?

Rigard - my MVP!


Nice Sarah2. I have the same line up but used Tiburtus rather than Hel. All good fun

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Atlantis can rise now…



I completely understand why enemy heroes get scaled to match the difficulty level you are at, but I don’t think I have ever noticed it so extreme before than where I am at in the seasonal event with Rana on advanced stage 13.

Usually her ability has 403 damage over 3 turns. In this level, she does 1161 DAMAGE OVER 3 TURNS! How is that remotely fair?!

With addition to the undispelable ability to restrict 75% of healing, you are basically guaranteeing Rana to completely destroy 3 heroes in 3 turns. 1161 health is more than or close to the maximum health that most heroes have. This is completely limiting gameplay as you are now only restricted to using dispel heroes like Rigard and Vivica or use antidotes heavily.

I’m all for scaling enemies to difficulty levels but this is way to far and in my opinion, wayyyyy too OP. The abilities themselves shouldn’t change but the stats behind them. image

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Can I just say… It only gets harder as you complete the higher levels.


I just find that completely unfair and restricts strategies and forces people to rely on heroes they may not have. Dealing with 400 dot with limited healing is already tough, let alone DOT that is MY ENTIRE HEALTH BAR with limited healing.

They should be increasing the attack/defense/hp stats at every stage, not the ability.

That’s like going into a final stage where Liana now does 1000% damage and Gravemaker now does 500% damage with 500 dot. It’s just unfair.

I never recall anything being that OP from the spring seasonal

Deep Wound reducing healing and being undispellable, yes that sucks. But you can still clear the sand twister DoT with antidotes.

Also bring purple heroes.


I understand strategies to get around it, but some people may not have those heroes and if the main way to defeat an enemy is by using a specific item… Then is it really that balanced of an enemy?

It should be rana’s normal ability but increased attack/defense/hp stats.

no Rigard or Tiburtus at least? Even they would be better than Vivica and Guinevere for this challenge event, they may be 4* but they are a better color match for the enemies.

If not then the next best thing you can do is bring heroes that are neutral against the color. I’d consider blue at least instead of Vivica and Guinevere, since there are several red enemies and clearing them out with as much health left for the bosses helps a lot.

These are basic antidotes though… they can be researched as soon as you have a level 3 forge. They’re cheap to make, you can bring 10 of them per battle… I mean why not use them?

If you’re trying to beat the entire quest without items, well then that’s another thing. It probably is possible, I imagine also difficult and requires very strong heroes of the right colors. That’s not something I’m gonna attempt :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh maybe but you get a lot of presents thrown at you so it’s all good :crazy_face:


I feel like you are going on a tangent. The main point I am trying to make is regardless of what hero you have, 1161 DOT is wayyyy too OP. That is more health than what most heroes have.

Even if you bring in Rigard, you still have to bring up his mana. What if you have a bad board and can’t get his special off? If it was 402 DOT (like it’s supposed to be), it’ll still suck but it won’t decimate your team. If you can’t get his special off then it’s nearly a gaurantee kill for 3 heroes in 3 turns. Plus, even if you use Rigard’s special, Rana will just shoot her attack again and it’ll happen over and over.

Think of it like Pokémon… it’s like if at the elite 4, all the enemies had final gambit but with higher accuracy. No matter how strong your own heroes are, it’s still going to decimate you.

I think the enemies should be scaled by their stats, not their abilities. Currently, it’s unbalanced, I’m not looking to make this event easy for me, I just want a balanced fight

This has been my team so far for the sand empire. Currently at advanced level 14. What do you guys think about the remaining levels? will this team do it, or I stack with these 5 till the very end? I was thinking about changing Tiburtus for Wilbur in the last stage, or if I will nedd even more reds to deal with Yunan.

A lot of complaints about the event, but I like it as it is…I would be bored if it were easier, although I should be more careful from now on. I didn’t check DoT stat of Yunan last level and Sonya died. Fortunately battle was over already in my favour

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Froggy, I’m here trying to help you clear the quest. I agree the damage over time casted is high, but I have been telling you in the past couple posts that you can clear it by using basic antidotes. A basic item that everyone with access to quests can craft as counterplay seems fair to me.

Whether you choose to use them or not, whether you think using items is fair or not… I replied as a way to help you, not to debate that. In your screenshot you didn’t bring any antidotes as items, so I’m just trying to help you clear the quest with the best of my knowledge and advice.

I know a bit about Pokemon from my wife who plays them competitively, but that’s about it, I only played the first three games on Game Boy (later Advance) so I don’t know what final gambit is. But I do remember from my young days that you can also use items in non-pvp battles, even against the Elite 4… so even if they had OHKO moves – which I remember the fighting one did actually have one with Fissure in the first game – you can still bring revive items. I’d still consider those games to have been fair myself.


The ability of the rabbits to one shot was high too. It encouraged people to bring turtles if they didn’t have alternatives, just like the sand people encourage bringing dotes. It’s good that the event makes most players think a little instead of breezing through. The sand people are a tougher bunch though. I hope I can get to the EHT.


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