Royalty Knights💥👑

Royalty Knights
Friendly alliance seeking new members Lvl 55+.
Were taking down 10/11* titans.
War is optional but MUST use all flags if u opt in. We rotate war line up between unified tanks, tank/flanks combos, and occasionally FFA. We do not have set attk times. Our members are from all over. Missed war flags can result in being kicked. If you are on within time to use flags and do not you will be kicked.
Daily titan hits required. Occasional miss is ok it happens. Repeat missing can result in being kicked.
We have Line and Discord chat apps, but not required. We post monthly calendars on these.
Sound good, Come check us out!

One spot currently open

We have 2 open spots

Hi, I am a level 84 player looking for a new home,
I have sent a request and I have a former colleague who might come along too.
Thanks, I am UK based and have 34 fully maxed 5stars and HA10 on permanent go (not much luck with it that)
I am VC2P but use flags and hit titans

2 slots just opened up

3 spots are open. We are a laid back chill alliance but understand you MUST follow the rules. We have 2 rules “Always use ALL War flags if you opt in and Always use All Titan flags”. We know life happens, we ask that you let us know. Repeat offenders however will be kicked, this is a drama free zone.

If interested hit me up on Discord Erie#5241) or Line (erie1980)

We have One spot open

2 slots just opened up