👺 Rocket - 5* Fire / Red from Goblin Village

@PlayForFun Could you please create balance discussion thread for Rocket :blush:


Here is it for you:


Thank you very much for the topic this one is really deserved.


A newly released hero that can be easily blocked and cleaned by a 3 or 4 star hero is absolutely not a hero worth spending to get… fix please…


Ugh! I got Rocket as bonus for Shimmer. I wish i’d gotten something else. :sob:

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Sure you would prefer Kettle or Boom and Fang :melting_face:


I’m really liking this dude.

I’m running into far fewer healers that also cleanse but I’m little disappointed how Cleopatra works.

For reference:

Call me too logical, but here’s how I thought things would go down.

-Rocket bombs a few folks.
-Cleo activates her special. First bullet point, she heals.
-Since a heal has now distinguished the bomb, the enemies should now have a burn ailment.
-Next bullet point, Cleo gives her allies an ailment blocker.

What actually happened was the burn ailment was blocked.

Do all bullet points in a special happen and then any effects that were triggered play out? And not how they are logically written? :angry:

Calling in @Arca89 @drdare @King_Kyree77 and @Tidyup who were talking about this many moons ago.

And from the Anconia thread @rebelsouljah

Finding him really useful against counterattack!