🤺 Rochefort – 5* Dark / Purple from Brave Musketeers

Maybe I can pump up those numbers after I LB and LB2. Waiting for next Mirage Omega Quest which would be purple (thank god)


Thanks for the update! Currently at 4-1 and looking forward to practicing with him.

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I’m on it :innocent:

Actually what I’m thinking of is kinda like this (for 100% cover!) I :green_heart: the musketeers and the portal has been extremely kind to me

Or Myoin-ni for mana boost instead of Haulstone


I believe Myon-ni for the mana boost and Milady can fire in a reasonable time frame.

Testing to see which you like better is the way to go once they have a few more yellow chevrons.

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How is everyone who leveled Rochefort feeling about him?

I have him up to 3.70 and now have to decide between him & GPanther (w/ costume) for the tabards. Like them both a lot, and that costume buff has really helped GP.

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Here’s my beauty. Did my emblems Defense>Attack>health. Raided with him 5 times since and have not lost.

My thoughts so far: When you kill the affected hero, most will be dead or near dead. Choose wisely with a target that will survive but you can easily kill it after. The one raid I almost lost was when I was looking to find a hero that would have triggered the special when I should have just gone with the easy kill. Healers can ruin your plan.

He is all that kids. When I have the purple aethers he will be limit broken.


I maxed him + LB2. I pair him with aramis. Just the two of them firing will almost kill any whole team. With that being said, I’m feeling good about Rochefort.


Recently used him in rush war, I fired him first then a half life Goseck… just those two killed the entire team.

It was all sorts of awesome.


Will the LB2 typically cause him to kill his target outright though?

That is a good question. I am wondering the same thing. Can anyone confirm this?

I have emblemed for defence and health. Even if he does kill, you have a dead enemy.


I like the glass half full outlook but then you lose out on 3200 damage to the other 4 enemies

I tested him out at LB1, atk path emblem. 1065 Atk, 1015 Defense, 2109 HP.
On maps or events, he is good for towards the end or high level maps/events as at early or lower level, he just murder the target instantly.
On raids, I went mono purple and use the combo of Sharkhai + Rochefort + Domitia C2 + Ahhotep + Narcisa. This ensure the marked target to die and doing up to 937 damage to all. If I use Domitia C2 first then Rochefort, the target usually dies. lol.


Covenant was kind to me :sob::pray:


Just got him! Thank goodness as I missed getting him for musketeers. And needed another fighter project soon. Because it would be used for Laselle if I don’t get another fighter soon



2 bats and 2 rochefort in 4 pulls…

What luck.

Edit: I think because I mentioned his post guess what happened to me?

I got a Dupe Rochefort lol…not very exciting as I would have rather had Any Other hero in the covenant but he is really really good. Have one maxed at 90 and with maxed troops and attack skill tree his ability triggers about 1k damage to all…so ill probably max another one lol…


I’ve seen some people using a double Rochefort for Challenge Events

His flat damage might be very useful in such a situation


Two Rochefort and a Quintin sounds like Boss levels will melt in a flash.

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Been testing Roche out as I level and really enjoying him! I think I will go shield path to avoid killing on first strike too often. Its fun to strategize which target to hit to maximize his benefits.

EDIT: Shield would also help since he takes extra hits while providing Cover. Even though he is a sniper I don’t think Sword path is best choice here.