🤺 Rochefort – 5* Dark / Purple from Brave Musketeers

Is Rochefort a better tank than Sneferu?

I’d say so at this point in the game. When Sneferu came out, I was super-excited. Now, he gathers dust. The difference in speed between Rochefort and Sneferu is a factor as well.

It’s much easier to kill Slow tanks with a combination of tiles and specials than it is to kill Average tanks.


Would you choose sword path or shield path for Rochefort if used as tank?

I just wanted to notice, that this guy is the most powerful attacker in the game, maybe except Xiamara with loaded buff and Goseck in agony.

With LB2, he first hits three for a ~1200/500 and then 1080 dmg to the rest if the target is killed (with attack path).

On offense, the conditions are easier to meet to bring his full potential - you need actually 9 tiles to fire him and the following hitter to finish the target.

I love to use him, it’s so satisfactory to annihilate the whole enemy in a flash.

On defense he can be mitigated with a lot of heroes, but even then - it’s highly likely to insta kill one and he has a potential to deal his secondary dmg through taunt.

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Absolutely a Sword path. If he goes off first, he’ll either kill the target (not optimal) or get the target prepped for the grave (optimal) and provide shrapnel to the rest of the enemies.

In most cases, he will not kill unless your opponent is weak (below meta-level heroes).


That’s true. I felt it when I faced him… lol

That’s the reason I think that he might be a monster at challenge event if your using 2 of him

Disagree. As you said, killing target on first strike is not optimal. You also overlooked that he provides Cover and takes extra hits. For optimal usage you want to keep him alive and do significant damage without killing. If you just want to use him as a kill one with minor damage nearby, then go Sword. But if you want to optimize his features, go Shield @yelnats_24


I like to raid with him a lot, my only new hero these days. This is attack path and a level 30 mana troop. I like attack because I want him to be harmful vs meta defenses at level 90 and he won’t oneshot a level 90 Ukkonen even like this.

Good points on both sides. I’m still trying to decide on emblem path as well.

One thing for certain, defenses will continue to get stronger… add in more costumes, legendary troops & more OP heroes, we’re not that far from defenses over 7k.

I did factor the Cover into my analysis.

With Constance, it’s a much bigger deal because she doesn’t hit very hard. The Cover is more critical to getting the most from her.

For Rochefort, getting the “toe tag” on the enemy you have the best chance of killing is the most important part of what he does because the highest chance of devastating the opponents lie in the special and not the passive.

Now, if Rochefort is leading a relatively weak team…perhaps a Shield path to keep him alive long enough to pop that special.

If he’s Tanking a “meta” defense, he’s likely going against 5,500-6,500 power lineups. In that case, the Sword path is best. No way is the first pop going to kill the target, but hopefully brings them close enough for a flank hero doing ~230% damage [usually a Fast hero hitting all] to finish off and cause that multiple level damage to all.

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You may go the way I did. I did a mix and at LB2 he’s extremely sturdy. If you alpha him, I’d go all attack. If just once I’d mix it up


I went attack because I can’t afford to LB him right now so he needs the attack power. If I had him LB or 2LB I’d possibly choose a mixed or defense path :thinking:


Thanks for sharing this information.

How is the damage in cover calculated? Is it based on the defense of the hero protected by cover or the defense of the hero providing cover?

If it’s based on the defense of the hero protected by cover, doesn’t it means it is better to choose heart (health) instead of shield (defense) for Rochefort? But if it’s based on defense of Rochefort then shield is better?

What did you chose when the path is branch between Sword + Shield vs Sword + Health? @Dr_Evil_Genius @Cap23

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I’d recommend against playing for the Passive.

Rochefort’s job isn’t to Cover. His job is to mark an enemy for death, and by doing so, doing heavy damage to all. If you are killing the enemies, you don’t have to worry about the defense of the covering hero. Not only that, Cover greatly reduces the amount of damage inflicted.

The first branch of the talent node is already between sword+shield and sword+health, both contain a sword, which should be prioritized between them?

Pick defense over health. He’ll still end up with 2400 health.


I agree with @Fishy. I only really go Health when healing is the main benefit of the hero.

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