Rise of the Valkyrie - Brynhild+19 as Diamond Tank 💎

I think of her as the quarterback in the Double formation. Two bulky defensive linemen in front of her, and two fast wide receivers on the wings.

Can’t think of a non American football term though

Pretty similar to me. I’m running Sartana +18 - Krampus +14 - Brynhild +19 - Elena +11 - Poseidon +18. May not hold 2600, but at least 2550 or so. You think Khagan works better than Elena? I have him at +4 and rising. No costume for either, sadly.

It’s really good. I finished Heimdall over the weekend, and I’ve been hesitant to swap him into my defense because I think that undispellable buffs to all from Brynhild is so good. We’re talking about freakin’ Heimdall - one of the tankiest, overhealing, resurrecting heroes in the game! (Of course, maybe I’m just an overly conservative idiot who should have already swapped him in by now.

I have both at +19 (and no costumes either) but I think Khagan is a bit sturdier since his def up complements Brynhild’s special skill def up. And his 380% damage to 3 after the latest buff is deadly when coupled with Krampus’s attack boost. I think he punishes a bad board more than Elena does.

I should be trying Elena a bit longer, I guess. Maybe 2 days is not enough to test and make a conclusion.

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I might have to run him out there for a week or so, then. Hadn’t thought about coupling his new buff with Krampus’ attack buff. Sounds nice. I actually thought about putting him in Brynhild’s spot (so he can give his buffs to all) and running a double-tank with Krampus and Heimdall, also, but that’s a lot of slow support, and it’s mostly dispellable (unless Krampus gets his taunt going). Wish I had 1,000 or so ranger emblems so I could feel better about putting Khagan out there.

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It depends on what level you’re fighting at. I don’t need to dispell BK, I need to kill him, which means I need to bring heros that can hit. If I’m hitting with a reflect on, I’m going to nuke myself to get rid of BK and I still have a solid 5 star behind him. If I send 2 shots into BK and kill him, I would much, much rather see Bryn open up behind him. She’s a fraction of the threat Sif is, her stats don’t even remotely compare.

Well if you manage to kill BK from the start you should be winning no matter what. As with any defence team it is about the situation you create if the opponent doesnt get that board which can kill your tank right away.
And when that happens my testing, and common knowledge has proved that Brynhild + BK has greater synergy than Sif + BK - this is at 2700-2800 cups - i dont know what level you are fighting at. I am not saying that any of them arent great heroes just saying that when I get the best results with Sif it is not with BK in front of her.

Left this team at 2630 cups 12 hours ago just opened the game and after roughly 30 attacks on my defense team, this is where my score is at!
Do not underestimate this little 4* healer and the synergy you can make with BK or Krampus.


You’re wasting 2 mana up buffs with that setup, though.

You mean Khagan’s? Yes, his mana buff is longer than Brynhild’s by 2 turns, but he’s in there to do damage. Any mana buff will be a bonus, and if he makes Brynhild charge faster, then she will fire her mana buff faster too.

Is he a possible centre for the Double formation? Yes he would, but Brynhild is better there

Edit : Or do you mean Clarissa and Onyx already being very fast in the wings? As a C2P, I’m not exactly brimming with 5* heros to use :smiley: I could try Thorne or Isarnia in there somewhere

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