Reuben – 5* Fire/ Red - December 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Tried it now, he does not :tired_face: .


Are there video of his action ?

He would be very interesting hero based on lore. Even the minions he summons could represent the followers he has. And because of that I don’t get his special. It is such a random skill to reduce dot damage.

Same thing happened with Glenda. She has the S1 ice background

First pull and here are the guy

I think Reuben require a good strategy to work on a offensive team, I can’t see him on defense. SG like to give me challenges…

Ok, If I found a place to Noor, I can find a place for him too (I Hope lol)

Lower damage, this guy needs some help on It…

I can use Falcon and Wilbur to increase the damage. Wilbur is weaker against DOT and Reuben can help the team tô survive longer.

Bold can work as Healler and add some more damage, a good synergy for a red stack… Why not Anzogh in this team?

I am not sure about replace current Azlar 3/70 by Reuben, but I have no rings at this moment and can up him to 3/70 to make some test before make a decision.

I like the Idea to work together Wilbur because the DoT reduction and Minions add tô the defense buff and damage share. In a mono red, they can give the team the enough time to use the skills and Tiles…

Reuben is not a game changer, but I Will test him against Green Tanks with DoT flanks (Grave, Vela, Clarissa) and wings (Jabber).


I’m disappointed in this hero. He either needs a 3rd ability or his second ability changed.

Reducing 50% of DoT is still going to hurt. What is the point of reducing it when instead you could cleanse it or block the ailment like so many other heroes do? The only reason i can think of is for undispellable DoT heroes but that is not a large list. Jabberwock and Natalya?!

Zim hits all enemies (though lower damage), gives an attack boost, AND cleanses at fast speed. Reuben only does 215 to 3 heroes at fast. Cmon that is ridiculously low when you look at how lame his 2nd ability is. Drake at the same speed does 270 to 3 heroes. Captain Kestrel does 215-333 to 3 heroes depending on mana. White Rabbit does 280 to 3 heroes.

Reuben either needs a 3rd ability something like reflects DoT damage back to the enemy or give him a cleanse or ailment block.

Obviously, for people with a small bench, he will find use somewhere on your team. For people with a medium to large bench, he is severely outclassed in numerous aspects.


I will also add, this is the first time I’ve actively enjoyed the hotm artwork since Malosi. Finally someone who was given a degree of strength to look like a 5*. I am alright with some hotm after Malosi, but most I’ve had some critique about their outfit, weapons, or aesthetic that doesn’t look badass enough to look like a fully fledged 5* level of cool.

Clarissa: looks like a level 1 barbarian in Skyrim. Needs cooler armor and weapons

Raf: same as Clarissa

Noor: I am actually fine with Noor. Armor looks swift and nimble. Doesn’t need weapons for her ability. Though maybe a cool cage with some more sparrows? But that’s not super important to add.

Zocc: just reminds me too much of beast boy. It’s not terrible but meh overall

Bai: No pressing critiques. He’s alright

Zulag: looks like a low level NPC. She has two swords but doesn’t have any attack abilities?! Give her some badass shields and better armor!

Glenda: that looks like an off the rack JCPenny dress. Go all out like Glenda the good witch in wizard of oz OR have her next to a badass carriage like the fairy godmother from Shrek.

Reuben: FINALLY some unique artwork that looks like someone who would be a high level character in D&D or Skyrim. He looks interesting and has a level of badassness that warrants a 5* artwork


And C. Azlar, I think?

Also I just remembered some of the S3 regional bonuses do DOT.


Clarissa seems fine to me

It doesnt feel like an unleveled rpg character.
Though she doesnt feel like a Paladin at all. More like a wizard, if not for the maze.

For example: Reuben vs. Eve

  1. A little better stats and dmg for Reuben
  2. Ailment dmg softening (?) vs Dispel to 3 (great!)
  3. Nothing vs Color defense -54% (great!)

Still, as C2P I have so many 4* mats that I will ascend him. :slight_smile:

Reuben tested


One add to this - appears to also work against stacks. Faced a Reuben on def, and really impacted my Skadi smash stack DoT. Was surprised, because I thought stacks were coded differently than status effects.

Has anyone else seen this?


I have added it under the unconfirmed. If you come across another skadi & don’t mind testing, screenshots showing the “stack” damage vs. the inflicted damage would confirm it.


Love the artwork. Sinister and feels the way the characters should look in a game like this (dragons, magic (specials and mana are essentially magic)).

Reuben’s special…useful but not amazing so whether or not he gets rings depends on the state of your red bench and inventory.

Attack stat is good, if you are feeding emblems to him he could be really, really good on titans. Good tile damage (I was about to write that he cuts incoming damage but it seems that is wrong and only DoTs are reduced. Green titans cut your attack so he is really just there for the tiles unless you bring him to fights where he is a neutral color. Pity).

only tiles, and also minion will cut times… not so good for titan IMO, tiles if we have emblemed Scarlett or Elena or Azlar are better.

Thank you!

I forgot about the stupid little minions (I dislike them intensely since I don’t have Skadi, will love them if I ever do summon her).

Grrr. So really, Reuben is all about the cool artwork and maybe a few leftover Tellies you may find around from time to time.


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11 EHT on Christmas and got Reuben and Kadilen. Why am i more happy about Kadilen then the Hero of the month? I think at the moment he is the worst hero of the month of this year.

Zulag says hi and Zocc stares longingly from the trees, while Noor just plays with her owl-sparrow things.


For me, he could be really useful if he also had -50% reduction on other status elements, such as defense down or attack down.
For example, if Grimm attacks with his -34% defense down, then it could become only -17% down… THAT would be very useful and cool.
In his current shape, Reuben is pretty useless… Much better to take a dispeller.


Well at least each of those heros excel at something and could when used well win you games.

I am not seeing this with Reuben.

I mean if he had cleansing of dispellable and undispelable status effects instead of dot reduction, maybe. As red lacks cleanser. Where is his niche?

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