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The “gap” between a F2P and P2W player is much discussed, how is it possible that Vivica is the only healer that a F2P player can access beforehand? There is a great variety of 4 * Healers. Why only a regular 5 *? my head even if I want to think otherwise, it tells me that they do it on purpose to then take out a variety of HOTMs healers and fill their pockets, I hope this is wrong … but today you limit the F2P a lot, to begin with because that there is only one way to increase the possibility of getting it, because as we all know, it is very difficult to catch a specific hero, but hey … we can, so let’s suppose we catch it, even though you have only one color that limits you tactically Please SG introduce new regular heroes of 5 *, on all Healers, the F2P we also want to have a tactical variety


How not agree. Out of 50 heroes with 5* just 20 are available full time and with TC. SG should at least turn the balance on a 50%/50%. Hope that second season will be a chance where a full load of new TC 5* heroes will be presented.

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In my opinion all HOTMs after 1 year should be available in summon gate. 1 year is enough time for being “special heroes”.


It is strange that there aren’t more healers in the normal 5* hero roster, especially considering that they would pair well with the vast array of other defensively-oriented heroes that either have tanky stats, inflict attack debuffs, or use defense buffs. I’d love to see at least two more normal 5* healers with varying mana speeds and varying secondary effects.


I don’t think summer event heroes will become available with TC as the easter event heroes aren’t.

Although HoTM is, thus far (at least until any further plans are announced) is still an unique one time frame occurrence. I actually view the seasonal event heroes as not regular heroes, the same way you did not include the challenge event heroes in your list.

So despite the summer event probably will make another appearance in summer of 2019 (the same way spring event occurred the 2nd time this year since game inception), the sand heroes will only be available to be summoned/acquired during this 2 week event. Same thing that the challenge event heroes (Guardians, King Arthur, Pirates, Fables) are only available to be summoned/acquired when these events are active.

The OP is talking about the lack of 5* healers (other than Vivica) in the 20 5* heroes (able to be trained from TC20, acquired from Elemental Summons / Epic Summons during non seasonal / challenge event active time frames).

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During Special Event all the Event heroes are available and advertised in Event Summon while the Elemental Summon disappears completely for the duration of the Special Event. That is not the case with Summer Event that is why I think these heroes could remain.
I just noticed there is a mention in Epic Hero Summon that the new heroes are available only for the time of the Summer Event. I just got confused by the Element Summon not disappearing.

Easiest way to fix 5* healers problem is to add previous HOTMs to regular pulls. Otherwise they have to make new heroes what is more proper way but in same time that means extra cost and time.

One or other way could increase income for SG. Especially if they could add 1 year old HOTMs. People could do more elemental pulls. I think currently people more spending money in events.

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I think I may know what you were referring to. I was initially confused at the first because the seasonal events were only available once a year and I had thought they behaved the same way as the challenge events when it comes to summons.

It was later made clear to me that:

In monthly cycling Challenge Events (King Arthur, Guardians, Pirates, and Fables) - The Elemental Summons slot is replaced by the special events summons banner (during the 2 to 2 and a half day? event period), which includes the challenge event heroes. Epic Hero Tokens cannot be used in this slot, only the Epic Hero Summon slot. So those who wants Challenge Event Heroes have to do Gem Summons.

In the seasonal (Easter, Summer Sands, not sure about Fall/Winter since I haven’t played that long) - The Elemental Summon Slot stays where it is and still rotate every 2 days, the Epic Summon slot is replaced by Summer Events Summon during these 2 weeks or so event time, and Epic Hero Tokens “can” be used in this slot for a chance at seasonal event heroes.

Brother, Even in the TC20 not every one can get 5* heros.
7 months here, no thing but x5 4* heros on my rooster. 2 of them are Boril.
I guess they really need to make the new relased heros are granted to get after an exact pulls.
And on the pulls before it gives lower chances.
So when a F2P player start saving, he may know for how long till he/she saves to be able to earn at least 1 HOTM.

I also recommend to have a new type of tokens
add to the Epic which is Elemental Token, As both of them costs 300 gems.
So why not? Allow the F2p to have a better chances to get some thing better than the 3* :triumph:

you had TC20 for 7 months? or you been playing 7 months? How many TC 20 are running? are they running 24/7? the answers to that makes a huge difference

What’s worse is absolutely no 4* yellow healer! Rigard should have been yellow to make a set. Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor, Sabina, and yellow Rigard

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That’s why vivica is yellow.

…and Delilah, but they are still both 5* and really hard to get. I got a full set of 4* from 2 10x pulls on each color. There really should have been a 4* yellow healer, and not 2 in purple.

Yellow color has Wu Kong… Unique hero. I think this is the reason why yellows do not have 4* healers. And Yes Vivica is another reason, bit more balance.

Yes, there are few choices for regular 5* heroes for each color…
Only 1 Healer (Vivica), only 1 Defense Downer (Isarnia) and 0 Attack Buffer.
Even regular dispeller are lacking (Domitia): only 1 target + side targets VS 5 targets of 4* heroes.

It is cool and all that many new heroes does different things or does them better but it’s uncool that they can’t be obtained from the TC20,even if it is understandable :man_shrugging:

And having skills that capitalize on certain aspects (like damage, plain and simple)
on heroes with not-so-great attack score as (Thorne/direct damage) or (Elkanen/heal on damage)
wouldn’t have been better to give them a team ATK buff (for Thorne) and a team heal (for Elkanen) while lowering their dmg% in the first case and removing the self heal on th second, to create more valid heroes?

Many 4* heroes looks more appealing than some 5* heroes and not only for the lower materials required to max them but mainly for the utility they bring.

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Okay, now has everyone figured out why there are so many different defense teams on the leaderboard?

Diversity is necessary.

I am playing for 7months,
1 Tc20
others on Tc11/13

No luck both.

once you can run 20, why would you run any at 13 if you’re hunting 5s? Run multiples at 20.


If you only been playing for 7 months, that means you only had been running tc 20 for about 1 month Max, meaning 15 tries. That is not a lot of tries. Get the other tc up to 20 and run them non stop at legendary if you really care about 5*

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