Pops is available


Looking for new home. Try outs will be this weekend and end when I find a good fit.

Alliance prerequisite:

Alliance is not full (I don’t want an alliance member kicked to add me)
Alliance has 28 active members or 29 active members hitting daily
Alliance is taking down 9 star Titans and fighting 10s even if your not killing ten it’s ok.
Alliance is drama free. I don’t do drama
and I’m not a member. I’ve been a leader/coleader for 6 months and an active recruiter. I don’t need to be that in the new alliance but I’m not a member that can be easily kicked by a rogue elder either. You’ll figure out what’s left lol

I’m an active player who hits daily. Over 2600 cups and team power 3700. Avg hits on 7/8 stars 20k per hit. I’ve only hit a ten star once and it was for 28k so unsure what my average would be for 9/10 stars cause I’ve only done it once.

If interested and your alliance meets the requirements above reply to this. If not see you in the game anyways lol.


I don’t know who you think you are, you’re supposed to try out for alliances not alliances for you



You just raided me, but we have 2 open spot. (Dark Fire)


Just wanted to say, I love your add!
We are full now and doing 7/8/9 titans, so not meeting your requirements, lol.
Rest of the requirements we do have though, so who knows, somewhere in the future…


Hello Pops,

I’m pretty certain that you’d fit in well with our Alliance. I looked for a long time and one day just happened upon someone recruiting for Heathens of Sparta. I thought, “What the heck, give it a shot.” I’ve never looked back. I’ve been there for about 3 months now and never plan to leave. It is a well run Alliance and the Leader is well respected by membership. There is clear communication and a lot of interaction, and camaraderie. We number crunch and act as a real team with strategy in mind. If someone asks a question there are always at least a few viewpoints offered to be considered. The membership is mature and consists of Health care professionals, Public Safety, and other Professionals. Therefore you are actually dealing with Adults, but Adults that like to have fun. We are currently Fighting 9 and 10 star titans and are looking for one more strong hitter to get us over the hump to fight/defeat 10 star titans regularly. Truth be told we have only faced 1 Ten star so far, but I think the next one will be our second. We are a top 50 Alliance and range anywhere from 40th to 44th place most of the time. Well, I tend toward verbosity and have gone on long enough. Stop by and hang out for a while to see how you like it. I would wager that you won’t look back either.–Censure


Fun initiative!

@Rook can you banish this thread to Alliance Recrutement where it belongs? :slight_smile:


We might have a spot in deluxe nuts for you Pops - I’ll double check and get back to you about that. They hit 8/9s regularly and should fit all your criteria, if you rather want the 10s I can check in spicy :wink:

Just hit me/liv/copper/jimme up in game or line if you’re interested!


I banish nothing. I only wave a magic wand… :grin:


Pops, as loorts said, we’d love to have you in nuts. Now to find an other goto alliamce for mercing…


Pops, we absolutely have a spot in our home for you! I’ve always enjoyed when we run into each other running around the game. :grinning: You could pick or try out both Deluxe or Spicy. Our alliances are set up so folks can visit the other groups in our greater alliance. So nobody will be booted or inconvenienced by either choice.

We are a flexible group that still allows mercing on passed titans and with shots that would otherwise go to waste. (Not required, but it keeps things fresh and fun being able to go visiting!)

I’ll see if I can find you on Line, and send you our alliance document. It gives you a pretty good idea of how we run things. With a group this size it’s the easiest way to get everyone on the same page!! If you’re interested we can chat more! (In case I can’t find you my id is AmberCoppersky.)


Hey Coppersky,

At the moment I’m trying out Heathens of Sparta. Thanks for the heads up and for replying.


Who would you bribe me not to tell I found this thread? Malin or Rexy? :rofl:

(Screenshot emailed upon payment)


Well, who made you too dog & all? Lol…Just kidding Papi! :kissing_smiling_eyes: