'Realistic' guessing game - Which heroes will be featured in the next Soul Exchange?

I thought Sargasso is already featured?


After 4 years of playing most of my raiding teams have at least 2 4*heros. ( Rigard and Proteus ) :slight_smile:

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Especially if you compare her to Justice! :rofl:

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Normal Finley for sure

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Both of those are amazing. I use them both very very frequently. Lepiota is just an amazing shut down hero that is fast. I run her with Hel and they’re amazing together. Mitsuko was my first 5* in the game years ago and is still seeing top action with that mana cut and reflect. Absolutely amazing hero. Hope you get the one you want!

I’m 100% sure it’s either Akkorog or Captain Nemo this time :smiley: Exceera is also a good option, but maybe she is too newish for now.

Salmon Loki for 10 heroes

Jade for 10 but if anyone is interested I’d exchange her for free

They put gravemaker and Killhare in there, knowing Gravemaker already had a costume and Killhare was getting one. Both were fan favorites. I think that means we may see Seshat, Drake Fong, Jabberwocky, Lady of thevLake or White Rabbit with no costume.


This is a perfectly reasonable list… And I’d skip this month if it were it…

Garjammal’s self healing is priceless near the end of a close fight. I had her take out three hit all enemies, all by herself. She just keept healing over and over and over.

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She’s not a bad hero for sure. I just thought her price point in the exchange was too high.


All exchange prices are high. Or none… depends a lot on how you choose to look at it. For me, getting one useful hero for 20 dust gatherers is a fair trade.


Agreed. I’m running tc20s again… My math says in on year I’ll have 36 for trade… So 1 twenty tier and one fifteen. Leveling is slower… But my problem had always been getting the heroes i want.


My prediction is that none of them got it right. :joy::joy::joy:


Thank you for your contribution. Keep up the good work!

Who knows heros for the next soul exchange

I want to choose my way in this game it s too late to anounce heros for soul exchange

LOTL in soul exchange? I’d tap that so hard

Agreed… And even though boosted health is great… I prefer the oiriginsl minions who just beat you down and never let you fire your special.